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Ability and disability


Rig-Veda Iron leg and sight restored - Leviticus blemished .

1941 Ken Lumb born - 1945 Peter Beresford born - 1958 Colin Hambrook born

1966 Paul Hunt Stigma; The Experience of Disability

1967 Peter Townsend

1975 Victor Finkelstein

1976 Shelley Harper

1977 Chronology of Disability Arts

1983 Karen Buck Hackney - Greater Manchester Disability Action Group

1986 Hackney Forum for Disability - London Disability Arts Forum

1987 Chris Harrison

1989 Qureshi and Walker The Caring Relationship: Elderly people and their families "Disability and Dependency"

1994 Pat Fitton Listen To Me - Communicating the Needs of People with Profound Intellectual and Multiple Disabilities - Disabled Persons Bill

1997 Doing Disability Research

1999 National Disability Arts Collection and Archive

2002 Shaping Our Lives

2004 Disability Arts Online

2006 UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

2007 Carol Thomas Sociologies of Disability - Mike Cox his blogspot - Creative Cafe

2008 Centre for Disability Research

2009 User Involvement Conference

Disability Living Allowance 2010 - Thomas Szasz

2012 Tony Baldwinson Unacknowledged Traces: Exploring through photographic records the self-organisation of disabled people in England from the 1920s to the 1970s - Disability Rights UK

16.6.2013 Grassroots Archives

2015 Matt Hargrave Theatres of Learning Disability - Good, Bad, or Plain Ugly

2016 Wikipedia

Academic writing: Advice to help you pass (and do well on) any course
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Study Essay Writing Strategy
Analyse your essay titles and use this to shape (structure) your essays.
Write in your own words, following the plan you made when analysing the title. Use your own mind to construct the issues, instead of following a book, a lecture or your notes. Bring in quotations from and other references to texts to support your arguments. Explain the quotations you use. Quotations should illustrate, not carry, your essay.
A good introduction, with an outline, a summary and an argument statement will improve any essay considerably.

Study Referencing
Start referencing as soon as you begin to draft
Make sure that your essay drafts and essays have a a bibliography and references following the Harvard system. Know the things you do not do in the Harvard System. - Reference mainly to books, articles and internet sources recommended by the course - Where you use internet sources, these should also be referenced following the key word/number rule. Reference all quotations, but reference more than quotes.
Clear English will support clear thinking
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Self-assess your drafts and essays using the Essay Marking Guide
Look at the resources for all courses to see what can help you.

Africa and African diaspora

Community and State

Yolamu Barongo 1983 Political Science in Africa

Sam Egite Oyovbaire "The Tyranny of Borrowed Paradigms" (Nigeria)

Christopher Clapham Africa and the International System

Jeffrey Herbst and Richard Joseph "Responding to State Failure in Africa"

Gender and family

"The family in negro Africa" by Paul and Lara Bohannan" in Anshen 1959

Sisterhood is Global

Miriam C. Menkiti 2005 "Domestic violence against women - A story of community prevention strategies from two states in Nigeria: Enugu and Ondo" Presentation to the World Conference on Prevention of Family Violence 2005

Diaspora: "Black women, sexism and racism" by Gemma Tang Nain in Jackson and Scott "many of the attitudes of black men to black women were formed in Africa" (p.118) Lauretta Ngcobo's opinion.


John Samuel Mbiti African Religions and Philosophy


1964 The Seven Ages of Man: A survey of the development of man through life: his body, his personality and his abilities.

1989 Qureshi and Walker The Caring Relationship: Elderly people and their families.

1994 Blakemore and Boneham Age, Race and Ethnicity

2005 "Age and ageing", chapter 6 in A Sociology of Mental Health and Illness

Hershel Prins
Fire-raising its Motivation and Management.



Biological bases of behaviour
Neuroscience - Genetics - Picturing the brain

See David Pilgrim Key Concepts in Mental Health
"Causes and Constructs - biological, psychological and social explanations"

See Roger Hopkins Burke An Introduction to Criminological Theory on Biological positivism - Socio-biological theories -

See Donald Shoemaker Theories of Delinquency on Biological and biosocial explanations

Prehistoric circumstances

1876 on Cesare Lombroso

1971 Jock Young and the social dimension

2008 Nicole Hahn Rafter The Criminal Brain: Understanding biological theories of crime

2010 Gina Rippon "Sexing the brain: How Neurononsense joined Psychobabble to 'Keep Women in Their Place'"

2010 Norwegian television

2013 Adrian Raine The Anatomy of Violence: The biological roots of crime

2013 Katherine Button and others "Power failure: why small sample size undermines the reliability of neuroscience"

2013 Sociology on genetics [extract]

Biographical and narrative approaches

Wikipedia links: Autoethnography - Developmental psychology Narrative_inquiry -

1961 The concept of moral careers
Erving Goffman "The Moral Career of the Mental Patient"
Rom Harré

Criminal career: a type of moral career?

1972 Peter and Briditte Berger Sociology: A Biographical Approach

1992 Liz Stanley The auto/biographical I: The theory and practice of feminist auto/biography

1993 "Biography and autobiography in sociology" Special issue February 1993 of Sociology: the journal of the British Sociological Association

1996 Richard Jenkins Social identity

2000 Alheit, Peter & Dausien, Bettina "'Biographicity' as a basic resource of lifelong learning", in: Peter Alheit (editor) Lifelong Learning inside and outside schools, Roskilde: Roskilde University, University of Bremen and University of Leeds, pp. 400-422.

2000 Prue Chamberlayne, Joanna Bornat, and Tom Wengraf (Editors) The turn to biographical methods in social science: comparative issues and examples. London: Routledge.

2003 FQS: Forum: Qualitative Social Research - Volume 4, No 3 (2003) "Doing Biographical Research" Edited by Gerhard Riemann. Including Fritz Schütze's "Hülya's Migration to Germany as Self-Sacrifice Undergone and Suffered in Love for Her Parents, and Her Later Biographical Individualisation. Biographical Problems and Biographical Work of Marginalisation and Individualisation of a Young Turkish Woman in Germany". http://www.qualitative-research.net/fqs-texte/3-03/3-03schuetze-e.htm

2004 Apitzsch, Ursula, Bornat, J./ Chamberlayne, Prue (editors.) Biographical analysis and professional practice. The Policy Press: Bristol.

2004: Walter Gove "The Career of the Mentally Ill: An Integration of Psychiatric, Labeling/Social Construction, and Lay Perspectives"

2010 Elizabeth Ettore "An autoethnography of talking with women drug users: the need for researchers' reflexivity as sensitising the 'I'"


2007 Webster and Mertova Using Narrative Inquiry As a Research Method

2010 Bradley Lewis "Narrative Psychiatry: How Stories Shape Clinical Encounters"

2011 Barbara Taylor "The Demise of the Asylum in Late Twentieth- century Britain: A Personal History"


Mary Lamb
Mary and Charles Lamb A page of mental and geographical connections
Hitcock, S. T. 2005 Mad Mary Lamb: Lunacy and murder in literary London
Watson, K. 2004 The Devil Kissed Her. The Story of Mary Lamb



See Obesity

1978 on - Susie Orbach

1999 Price, J. and Shildrick, M. Feminist Theory and the Body: A Reader


2005 on Clive Boddy on corporate psychopaths

2007 Dignity at Work. A Good Practice Guide for Higher Education Institutions on Dealing with and Harassment in the Workplace

3.12.2012 "Bullying and Corporate Psychopaths at Work: Clive Boddy at TEDxHanzeUniversity" published on You Tube

Social care and medical care
Community care
Carers and caring

1989 Qureshi and Walker The Caring Relationship: Elderly people and their families.

1999 Allan Graham The Sociology of the Family: A Reader Part 5: Family, Kinship and Care.

April 1999 UK National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) - National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (April 2013)

2001 Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE)

2007 Office of National Statistics Focus on Families, chapter 2: "Unpaid care and the family" [Analysis of 2001 Census]

2008 Laurie Bell and Jo Casebourne Increasing Employment for Ethnic Minorities: A Summary of Findings discusses influencing of caring.

2011 Hirsch, D., Phung, V. and Manful, E. Poverty, ethnicity and caring York: Joseph Rowntree Foundation,

2013 "Community and social care", chapter 12 in Blakemore and Warwick-Booth Social Policy: An Introduction 4th Edition

City See place and space

Geddes, P. 1904 City Development: A study of parks, gardens and culture institutes:

The City (1925) by Robert E. Park, Ernest W. Burgess, Roderick D. McKenzie and Louis Wirth.

2000 See Bauman and May on city and countryside and time, space and disorder

See Vincenzo Ruggiero


London: size - local timeline - asylums - London Plane
maps: 1559 - 1863
Creighton 1891 - Clunn 1932 - Fitter 1945

Norwich: size - asylums
Rawcliffe and Wilson 2004

Bristol: size - asylums
Dalrymple 2003 - Penny 1997 - Seyer 1823 -

Child abuse - Childhood sexuality - Children's homes


See Family and Education

The history of education and childhood archived website

Encyclopedia on Early Childhood Development

Jean Piaget

1960/1962 Philippe Ariès Centuries of Childhood

Julian Stanley

Irving E. Sigel

1982 Chris Jenks The Sociology of Childhood: Essential readings

1990: Allison James and Alan Prout (Editors) Constructing and Reconstructing Childhood

1998: James, A., Jenks, C. and Prout, A. Theorising Childhood

2004 Dominic Wyse (Editor) Childhood Studies: An introduction

James, A. and James, A.L. (2004) Constructing Childhood, Basingstoke: Palgrave.

Child abuse
See paedophilia

1977 Frank Pearce

1983 Wilson and Cox The Child-lovers: A study of paedophiles in society

1998 Philip Jenkins Moral Panic: Changing concepts of the child molester in modern America

2000 Corby, B. Child Abuse: Towards a Knowledge Base. Open University, McGraw Hill Education, Maidenhead

2000 Itzin, C. Home Truths About Child Sexual Abuse: Influencing Policy and Practice: A Reader edited by Catherine Itzin. Routledge. London

2002 Anne Hendershott The Politics of Deviance

2003 - Albert Benschop "Child Pornography in Cyberspace: Traces of Crimes" [INTERNET]

2004 Calder, M. C. Child Sexual Abuse and the Internet: Tackling the New Frontier edited by Martin C. Calder. Lyme Regis: Russell House, [INTERNET]

2004 Socarides and Loeb The mind of the paedophile: psychoanalytic perspectives

2008 Safer Children in a Digital World The Byron Report

2012 Elena Martellozzo Online Child Sexual Abuse. Grooming, Policing and Child Protection in a Multi-Media World [INTERNET]

2012 UK Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS)

Childhood sexuality

Wikipedia: Thore Langfeldt

Hilary White 17.10.2007 "Kindergarten Children should be Encouraged to Dance Naked and Masturbate in Pre-Schools; Norwegian Child Expert" LifeSiteNews.com

Merethe Kvam, journalist. 19.5.2011 "Child sexuality: Children must be allowed to have secrets, play naked and exploring their own body. An open and honest dialogue in the home will also provide the child with the platform it needs to dare to talk about later, and ask questions about sex and sexuality." Norsk Helseinformatikk (Norweigian original) - translate

Children's homes and children in care.

1949- British Association for Adoption and Fostering and predecessor bodies archives - website - Resources include statistics on adoption and the care system and legislation.

2006 Karen Winter "Widening our knowledge concerning young looked after children: the case for research using sociological models of childhood."

2007 Ian Sinclair The Pursuit of Permanence: A study of the English child care system

2008 Sally Holland and some children: "The everyday lives of children in care:... "

2012 Children looked after in England (including adoption and care leavers) year ending 31 March 2012

Collective Behaviour - Crowd Behaviour

Ryan T. Cragun 2008/2010 Introduction to Sociology Chapter on Collective Behaviour.


See under Collective behaviour - Crime - Movement

Consumerism and Shopping

2007: Bauman Consuming Life

2013: Harry Wallop Consumed: How Shopping Fed the Class System

Consumers' voice

French revolution and bread

Alleged Lunatics Friend Society

Rochdale Cooperative Store

Women's Institutes

Since the second world war

Roy Porter (1985) "The patient's view: doing medical history from below." takes the long view from the 17th and 18th centuries, but provides basic concepts used in analsis.

Kathleen Jones on consumer research 1961

Alex Mold: "Repositioning the Patient:?: Patient Organizations, Consumerism, and Autonomy in Britain during the 1960s and 1970s"

Alex Mold: "Making the patient-consumer in Margaret Thatcher's Britain".

1981 on Althea and David Brandon

1984 David Armstrong "The Patient's View"

Anne Plumb 1987 "That word consumer"

MindWaves: The Newsletter of the Mind Consumer Network London: MIND, August 1988-Spring 1993

1998 Eugene Brody chapter 7 "The WFMH and Consumer/Survivor/User Movements"

1.1.1998 Health Research: What's in it for Consumers?

2007 Flurin Condrau "The Patient's View Meets the Clinical Gaze"

2013 Eri Nakamura "From the Patient's History to the Sufferer's History"


See also Care - Culture - Ethnicity - Religion

Fulcher and Scott Chapter 13. "Cities and Communities" discusses the concepts of community linked to place and communities linked by networks.

1934 George Herbert Mead Mind, Self and Society, From the Standpoint of a Social Behaviourist "Organism, community, and environment" and "The community and the institution"

1997 - Albert Benschop "Virtual Communities - Networks of the future".

2000 Zygmunt Bauman Liquid Modernity

2007 Michael Banton "Weber on Ethnic Communities: A critique"

Community therapy - Sociotherapy - Therapeutic communities

Maxwell Jones 1952 Social Psychiatry: A Study of Therapeutic Communities

Richard Crocket - 1957 onwards

Marshall Edelson 1970 Sociotherapy and psychotherapy


Crime See also punishment
Crime and power - Globalisation - Media and Crime - Mental Illness and Crime - Women and Crime - Youth Crime - Youth Culture and Crime -

Internet crime

See Child abuse

2001 Council of Europe Cybercrime Convention National Security Strategy

2007 House of Lords Science and Technology Committee Report into Personal Internet Security

2010 Cyber Crime Strategy

2014 Cyber Security Strategy

White-collar crimes

1939 Edwin Sutherland "White-Collar Criminality"

1976 Frank Pearce Crimes of the Powerful: Marxism, crime and deviance.

1996 Nathanson Centre for the Study of Organized Crime and Corruption became the As of July 1, 2006, the Nathanson Centre on Transnational Human Rights, Crime and Security on 1.7.2006 - Website

Crime and punishment history

Crime time line

Michel Foucault time line

Syllabus and reading list on Institute of Economic Affairs website

John Briggs 1996 Crime and Punishment in England: An introductory history

Criminal Justice
Wikipedia link - Criminal justice

Text books:
Davies, Croall and Tyrer
Sanders and Young

Maguire, Morgan, and Reiner
The Oxford Handbook of Criminology

Text books:
Hale, Hayward, Wahldin and Wincup

Crime and power
Pearce, F. 1976 Crimes of the Powerful: Marxism, crime and deviance

Criminological theories

Roger Hopkins Burke An Introduction to Criminological Theory

Criminological theories historical development

Taylor, Walton, and Young 1973 The New Criminology. For a Social Theory of Deviance

Stephen Pfohl 1985/1994 Images of Deviance and Social Control: A sociological history


1934 Ruth Benedict Patterns of Culture

2004-2006 Culture and festivals on the Moving Here website

Popular culture - Pop culture

1929 - 1935 Gramsci

1947 onwards Iona and Peter Opie on children's rhymes and games

1948 Lyman Bryson (Editor) The Communication Of Ideas

1957 onwards Roland Barthes Especially French culture and theory

1957 Richard Hoggart The Uses of Literacy: Aspects of working-class life, with special reference to publications and entertainments

1964 onwards Stuart Hall

1964 onwards Pierre Bourdieu

1992 onwards Dominic Strinati

1993 onwards John Storey

2005 Guins and Cruz (Editors Popular Culture: A reader

2011 Holt Parker "Toward a Definition of Popular Culture"

2011 Marcia Amidon Lusted Social Networking: MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter

1951 Manga

Manga: Japanese for comics. Anime: An animation style orginating in Japan

Online Bibliography of Anime and Manga Research formerly the Anime/Manga Web Essay Archive

See Myth - Narrative - Subculture - Visual

Wikipedia: Manga

1814 Katsushika Hokusai

1951/1952 Osamu Tezuka See biography

1959 Donald Richie

1986 Frederik L. Schodt Manga! Manga! The World of Japanese Comics

1992 Helen McCarthy

1998 Susan Napier

2005 "'Creating My Own Cultural and Spiritual Bubble': Case of Cultural Consumption by Spiritual Seeker Anime Fans"

2008 Kukhee Choo "Visual Evolution Across the Pacific: The Influence of Anime and Video Games on US Film Media"

2007 Ferenc Szasz and Issei Takechi "Atomic Heroes and Atomic Monsters: American and Japanese Cartoonists Confront the Onset of the Nuclear Age, 1945-80"

2008 Mary Hammond Bernson "A Case Study of Late Twentieth-Century Japan through Art: Tezuka Osamu and Astro Boy"

2008/2012 Katsuya Minamida and Izumi Tsuji Pop culture and the everyday in Japan: Sociological perspectives

2010 "Japanese Animation and Glocalization of Sociology"

2010 Kinko Ito A Sociology of Japanese Ladies' Comics: Images of the life, loves, and sexual fantasies of adult Japanese women


1971: Jock Young The Drugtakers. The social meaning of drug abuse

2002 Steven Rose "'Smart drugs': do they work? Are they ethical? Will they be legal?"

2013 Paper on decriminalisation of illicit drugs


See Childhood

Fulcher and Scott Chapter 9. "Education"

Derek Gillard 2011 Education in England: A brief history

Durkheim, 1925 Moral Education. A study in the Theory and Application of the Sociology of Education

Relevant works of Jean Piaget, including 1955 The Child's Construction of Reality and 1962 Play, dreams and imitation in childhood

Relevant works of Talcott Parsons including "The School Class as a Social System: Some of its Functions in American Society" (1957).

Relevant work of Robert Merton, including (1957) definition of functions and dysfunctions - American culture - and Types of individual adaptation

Julian C. Stanley (editor) Compensatory education for children, ages 2-8 [1972/1973]

Sigel and others.:"Psycho-educational intervention beginning at age two" etc, in the above. pages 25-62 and other works.

Integrated early childhood development services in the Encyclopedia on Early Childhood Development has articles on Head Start and Sure Start.

Eric Robinson 1968 The New Polytechnics

Paulo Freire 1968/1970 Pedagogy of the Oppressed

Michelle Stanworth 1983 Gender and Schooling: a study in sexual divisions in the classroom, Hutchinson in association with The Explorations in Feminism Collective, 1983. Previous edition: London: Women's Research and Resources Centre, 1981. 64 pages

Karen Chapman 1986 The Sociology of Schools, Series: Society Now. London; New York: Tavistock, 1986. Karen Chapman presents education as a political issue, shaped by political decisions. She illustrates the main perspectives on education since the 1940s.

Mike Cole 1989 (Editor) The Social Contexts of Schooling Falmer Press. ix and 251 pages
Summary: On class, race, and gender in relation to schooling.
Part 1 Analytical framework: what is sociology? what is the sociology of education?, Peter MacDonald.
Part 2 History: the rise of mass schooling, Clive Griggs; the rise, fall and rise again of selective secondary schooling, Clive Griggs.
Part 3 Class, "race" and gender - Britain: social class in Britain, John Urry; social class and schooling, Jan Lee; the causes and effects of racism in Britain today, Barbara McKellar; monocultural, multicultural and anti-racist education, Mike Cole; what is gender? gender in Britain today, Janet Holland; gender and primary schooling, Jenny Shaw; chaining the brain - structural discrimination in testing, Brian Matthews.
Part 4 Class, "race" and gender - a comparative example: class, gender and ethnicity as influences on Australian schooling - an overview, Bill Cope and Scott Poynting.

David Gillborn 1990 'Race', Ethnicity and Education: Teaching and learning in multi-ethnic schools. Unwin Hyman. 192 pages
Part One: City Road Teaching and learning in a multi-ethnic comprehensive Discipline and control: the myth of an Afro-Caribbean challenge to authority Resistance and Accommodation: Afro-Caribbean pupils in City Road South Asian Pupils: differentiation and polarization in a multi- ethnic setting
Part Two: Beyond City Road Issues for Education in a multi-ethnic society Achievement and Opportunity: controversies in the measurement and meaning of educational achievements Race, Ethnicity and the Curriculum: towards anti-racist schooling Language Issues: English as a second language, bidialectism and the mother tongue debate Race Matters: Conclusion

Dawn Gill, Barbara Mayor and Maud Blair 1991 (Editors) Racism and Education: Structures and strategies Open University reader for the course "'Race', education and society". London: Sage Publications in association with the Open University. 336 pages.
PART ONE: EXPERIENCES OF RACISM Multiracial Primary School Classrooms - Cecile Wright Reconceptualizing Black Students' Schooling Experience - Mairtin Mac an Ghaill
PART TWO: NATIONAL AGENDA SETTING An Historical Analysis of Multicultural and Antiracist Education Policies - Barry Troyna The Hermeneutics of the Swann Report - Bhikhu Parekh Race, Schooling and the 1988 Education Reform Act - Jan Hardy and Chris Vieler-Porter
PART THREE: THE LOCAL LEVEL Resisting Institutional Change - Herman Ouseley Race Policies and Programmes Under Attack - Robin Richardson Two Case Studies for the 1990s Local Management of Resources - Will Guy and Ian Menter Who Benefits? Antiracism in Education - Terry Allcott
PART FOUR: INSTITUTIONAL POLICY Racist Incidents in Schools - Barry Troyna and Richard Hatcher Social Justice, Social Divisions and the Governing of Schools - Rosemary Deem, Kevin J Brehony and Sue Hemmings In- Service Provision and Teacher Resistance to Whole-School Change - Carl A Bagley
PART FIVE: CLASSROOM PRACTICE Towards an Antiracist Initiative in the All-White Primary School - Geoffrey Short and Bruce Carrington Tackling Racism and Sexism in the Primary Classroom - Celia Burgess Racist Society, Racist Science - Kenneth Parker The Revelation of Caliban - Robert M Young The 'Black Presence' in the Classroom

Lynda Measor and Pat Sykes 1992 Gender and Schools, London: Cassell, viii and 184 pages ISBN 0304323977

Halsey, Lauder, Brown and Wells 1997 Education: Culture, Society, Economy OUP.

Nick Davies 2000 The School Report: Why Britain's schools are failing London: Vintage. Reprinted from the Guardian. xii and 191 pages.

Sally Tomlinson 2001 Education in a Post-Welfare Society

Louise Archer 2007


1872 Darwin The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals

1982 to 1990 The develoment of emotional icons in usenet groups.
4.12.1982: cbosgd!djb: wrote in net.misc
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It's a great way to indicate sarcasm and humor: :-)
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I am looking for a list of COW EMOTICONS (you know like those dratted little smiley faces, only they're cows?)

See Wiktionary Talk:emoticon - Wikipedia emoticon - smiley - emoji

2000 Jeff Evans Adults' Mathematical Thinking and Emotions

2003 Sociology of Emotions Research Network of the European Sociological Association [started as Research Stream 4: Sociology of Love and Hate: Emotions at the ESA conference in Murcia Spain in September 2003].

2005 Jonathan Turner and Jan Stets The Sociology of Emotions

6.2.2015 Alex Hern in The Guardian "Don't know the difference between emoji and emoticons? Let me explain"

Ethnicity - Race

1994 Blakemore and Boneham Age, Race and Ethnicity

David Coleman and others 1996/1997 Ethnicity in the 1991 census London: H.M.S.O. Four volumes.

Amin, A. 2002 "Ethnicity and the Multicultural City: Living with Diversity" Environment and Planning A, Volume 34, pages 959-980

Focus on Ethnicity and Identity analyses the 2001 figures. There is also a 1991 - 2001 comparison document and a Focus on Ethnicity and Religion

2009 Social Research Update 58 "Researching ethnic inequalities"

2010- Deborah Cragun "Race and Ethnicity" in Wikibooks Introduction to Sociology

1.10.2013 "Why Ethnic Inequalities Continue to Matter" by James Nazroo. Discover Society 1.10.2013


See Russian family

Experts by experience

Situated knowledge

Standpoint theory

Survivor research Mad studies

Insiders and Outsiders

It's Our Lives by Peter Beresford
Voice See also Consumers' voice

1919 Max Weber Science as a Vocation

1966 Howard Becker "Whose Side are We On?"

1991 Sandra Harding Whose science? Whose knowledge? Thinking from women's lives

2003 It's Our Lives: A short theory of knowledge, distance and experience
By Peter Beresford

2009 This is Survivor Research
See work of Alison Faulkner - Diana Rose

2009 Handbook of Service User Involvement in Mental Health Research

2013 "Insiders and Outsiders" - . Chapter 3 in the revised edition of Chryssides and Geaves (2007) The Study of Religion: An introduction to key ideas and methods

2013 Patsy Staddon (Editor) Mental Health Service Users in Research: Critical Sociological Perspectives

2014 "From There to Here - The hidden history of People with Learning Difficulties in Merseyside"

2014 - Mad Studies Network

2015 User involvement from a bus to Clapham - History, impressions and reflections by Andrew Roberts.


1991 Dana Crowley Jack Silencing the Self: Depression and women


1680 Filmer - 1884 Engels - 1941 George Peter Murdock (nuclear) - 1945 Burgess and Locke - 1948 Skinner - 1949 Anshen - 1951 Bowlby - 1953 Institute of Community Studies - 1955 Parsons and Bales - 1957 Young and Willmott
1958 on Nye (USA) - 1960 Aries - 1962 Fletcher - 1964 Rose Laub Coser - 1964 Laing and Esterson - 1971 Jessie Bernard (marriage) - 1972 Cooper - 1973 Young and Willmott again - 1982 Geismar and Wood - 1990s Dench -

See relevant chapter/s of general textbooks. Some people find the Family section of Haralambos particularly helpful as an introduction.

Allan Graham 1999 (Editor) The Sociology of the Family: A Reader

David Cheal 2002 Sociology of Family Life. (An introductory text)

Val Dunn-Toroosian 2003 "The Family" (a book chapter)

2010- Ryan Cragun "Family" in Wikibooks Introduction to Sociology

Family - Cross Cultural


Immigrant to Europe (including UK)


"The family in Russia" by Maurice Hindus in Anshen 1949 and "The Russian family: Old style and new" by Philip E. Mosely in Anshen 1959

Families before and after Perestroika: Russian and U.S. perspectives edited by James W. Maddock 1994

Family - Extended

See Institute of Community Studies

Relevant books by, or edited by Geoff Dench

Family - Fathers

Hanan Hauari and Katie Hollingworth 2009 Understanding fathering: masculinity, diversity and change

Family - History


Elizabeth A. Foyster's Marital violence : an English family history, 1660-1857


Davidoff L, Doolittle M, Fink J and Holden K (1999) The family story: Blood, contract and intimacy, 1830-1960.

Family - Nuclear

1972 Michael Gordon The Nuclear Family in Crisis: The search for an alternative

Family - Single Parent or Lone Parent

1918 onwards See the history of The National Council for the Unmarried Mother and her Child and for the Widowed or Deserted Mother in Need

1969 The One-parent Family: Perspectives and annotated bibliography Edited by B. Schlesinger; Editorial consultant, Florence Strakhovsky. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.

1971 Crellin, Pringle and West Born Illegitimate: Social and educational implications

1991 Lone Parent Families in the UK by Jonathan Bradshaw and Jane Millar. Department of Social Security. Research reports; 6.

1992 Families without Fatherhood by Norman Dennis and George Erdos. Third edition 2000

1996 Elizabeth Silva Editor Good Enough Mothering?: Feminist perspectives on lone mothering

1997 Single Mothers in an International Context: Mothers or workers? edited by Simon Duncan and Rosalind Edwards.

1997 Nancy E. Dowd In Defense of Single-Parent Families USA

1998 Kathleen Kiernan, Hilary Land, and Jane Lewis: Lone Motherhood in Twentieth-Century Britain - From Footnote to Front Page 346 pages 7.5.1998 a link

1998 BBC News 21.10.1998 Thatcher stirs up single parents

The Guardian, 21.10.1998, p.1: "Thatcher prescribes religion for single mothers"


"The myths of single mothers, as told by J K Rowling" By Jojo Moyes, Arts and Media Correspondent The Independent Thursday 5.10.2000


Lone Stars: Portrayal of single mothers on screen The Guardian 22.2.2001


21.3.2008 First post in Bella DePaulo's "Living Single The truth about singles in our society" blog


Steve Doughty Mail Online: "Half of single mothers never live with partner after being enticed by benefits lifestyle choice" 26.2.2010 - "Three generations all of them single mothers: Growth of extended ' man free' families who rely on state handout" 4.3.2010 - "Single mother Britain: U.K. has most lone parents of any major European nation" 1.4.2011 -

"Children in single parent families 'worse behaved" By Graeme Paton, Education Editor The Telegraph 15.10.2010 [Based on 9-10 year olds from the Millenium Cohort]

2011 Jennifer Ajandi "Single Mothers by Choice: Disrupting dominant discourses of the family through social justice alternatives"

2011 Kathy. L. Hill and Sam Houston. "Single Mothers how are they doing?" Journal of Organizational Culture, Communications & Conflict volume 15, issue 1, 2011, pages 1-10. A USA review of literature. Search the web and you will probably find a copy. Or see the 2010 Conference Proceedings

2014 Karen Rowlingson and Stephen McKay Lone Parent Families: Gender, Class and State

Family - Statistics

See United Kingdom 2001 figures for different type of family

Topic guide to: Families, Children and Young People at the publications hub of the Office for National Statistics.

Family - Traditional

See History and Nuclear

Robert Filmer

John Stuart Mill and Harriet Taylor

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels -also see Engels on gender

William Morris - Read about Home and family - including Forest Children

May be able to use Burgess and Locke 1945 The Family

Family and Kinship in East London 1957 - and 2006 update?

Work of Ronald Fletcher? 1960s and 1980s

Family - Violence
Domestic violence
Violence against women
See also history and child abuse
See Africa

For a possible theoretical structure for patriarchal violence see the 17th century works of Robert Filmer. For the case for controlling patriarchal violence see the 19th century works of John Stuart Mill and Harriet Taylor, especially their 1848 paper and Mill's 1869 book.

1736 "the husband cannot be guilty of a rape committed by himself upon his lawful wife". [England]

1765-1769 Wiiliam Blackstone on husband and wife

1797 "the husband... cannot himself commit a rape on his own wife, who has surrendered her person to him" [Scotland]

1976 Domestic Violence and Matrimonial Proceedings Act

1978 Domestic Proceedings and Magistrates' Courts Act

Rebecca and Russell Dobash 1979 1992

1979: "Medicine and patriarchal violence: the social construction of a "private" event" by Stark E, Flitcraft A, Frazier W. International Journal of Health Services 1979; 9 (3): pp 461-493. Abstract

1983: Carol Herbert "Wife Battering"

30.3.1989 Scottish Appeal Court explained its ruling on rape in marriage.

23.10.1991 UK Law Lords agreed that "in modern times the supposed marital exemption in rape forms no part of the law of England".

1992 Family Homes and Domestic Violence Bill failed to pass UK Parliament.

20.12.1993 General Assembly of the United Nations "Declaration on the Elimination of Violence against Women"

1995: Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action includes sections on Violence against Women and Human Rights of Women

1996: Hester, Kelly and Radford 1996 (Editors) Women, Violence and Male Power

1996: UK Family Law Act

21.3.1997 UK Protection from Harassment Act

1997: UK Election 1997

2000: Home truths about domestic violence

2000 Gender, violence and the social order Jayne Mooney

2004 Domestic Violence, Crime and Victims Act

2005 World Conference on Prevention of Family Violence 2005

2007 Encyclopedia of domestic violence

2011 Review of Domestic Violence policies in England and Wales

23.7.2013 Guardian blog on drive to change attitudes towards violence against women.

2013 Rachael Pierotti "Increasing Rejection of Intimate Partner Violence. Evidence of Global Cultural Diffusion"

Feminist perspectives

Abbot P and Wallace C and Tyler .M.(2005) 3rd edition. An Introduction to Sociology: Feminist Perspectives Routledge. London


See Family - Africa
See relevant chapter/s of general textbooks

Rousseau (Emile) - Olympe de Gouges - Wollstonecraft - Thompson and Wheeler - Mill and Taylor - Mill - Mill and Freud - De Beauvoir - Juliet Mitchell - Judith Butler

Sisterhood is Global 1984 edited by Robin Morgan

Jackson and Scott 2002 Gender: A Sociological Reader

Catherine Hakim 1979 Occupational Segregation...

Gendered Language - Culture

Dale Spender 1980 Man Made Language and later writings


See relevant chapter/s of general textbooks

Reading list on Institute of Economic Affairs website

Globalisation and Culture by John Tomlinson

Media, Culture and Society. An introduction by Paul Hodkinson

Catching history on the wing : Race, Culture and Globalisation by A. Sivanadan

Globalisation - Crime
"Contemporary landscapes of crime, order, and control: governance, risk, and globalisation" by Ian Loader and Richard Sparks in the Oxford Handbook of Criminology
"Crime, globalisation and the risk society" in Roger Hopkins Burke An Introduction to Criminological Theory

Grounded Theory

1967 Discovery of Grounded Theory. Strategies for Qualitative Research by Barney Glaser and Anselm Strauss

1993 Paul Hodkinson "Grounded Theory and Inductive Research" in Nigel Gilbert Researching Social Life

2006 Kathy Charmaz Constructing Grounded Theory: A practical guide through qualitative analysis

High Street See place and space - networks - consumerism

Portas, Mary 2011 The Portas Review: An independent review into the future of our high streets by Mary Portas. London: Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, 2011. 50 pages. URN 11/1434.
Available http://www.bis.gov.uk/highstreet

DBIS 12.2011 Understanding High Street Performance A report prepared by GENECON LLP and Partners. London. Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. December 2011
Available http://www.bis.gov.uk/highstreet

DCLG 3.2012 High Streets at the Heart of Our Communities: The Government's response to the Mary Portas review London : Department for Communities and Local Government, March 2012. 19 pages.
Available http://www.bis.gov.uk/highstreet

2013: Harry Wallop    Consumed: How Shopping Fed the Class System


Wikipedia links to history - historical sociology

Dennis Smith 1991 The Rise of Historical Sociology

"Historical Sociology" by John Mandalios and "Sociology of Time and Space" by John Urry in The Blackwell Companion To Social Theory

History as Research Method

Social Science History

Social Science History timeline

Wikipedia links to history of: science - social science - language - mathematics - statistics - geography - history - economic thought - psychology - anthropology - sociology - sociology in medieval Islam -

1938 - Roll, E. A History of Economic Thought
1968 O'Neil, W.P. The Beginnings of Modern Psychology
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1987- Piers Beirne on criminology
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1996 onwards Jennifer Platt on "Sociological Research Methods in America, 1920-1960" - International Sociological Association 1948-1997 - British Sociological Association
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2007 Staum, M. "'Race' and gender in non-Durkheimian French sociology, 1893-1914"
2009- Eileen Magnello on statistics
2011 McLennan, G. Story of Sociology

Human Trafficking
Wikipedia link - Human trafficking

"An Introduction to Human Trafficking: Vulnerability, Impact, and Action," United Nations Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking, January 2008 available at http://www.ungift.org/docs/ungift/pdf/knowledge/background_paper.pdf

Andrea Parrot on sexual enslavement and related subjects.

Child Trafficking

Child Trafficking Research Hub: http://www.childtrafficking.org/home.html

Child trafficking in West Africa : policy responses UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre, UNICEF Regional Office for West and Central Africa. April 2002. 30 pages. Available at http://www.unicef- icdc.org/publications/pdf/insight7.pdf

Identity - Self - Self image.

Fulcher and Scott Part Two - Social Identities

1949: Simone De Beauvoir The Second Sex

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Bauman Autumn 1999 "The Self in a Consumer Society"

1999: The family story : blood, contract and intimacy, 1830-1960

2000: "Biography and identity: life-story work in transitions of care for people with profound learning difficulties" by Dave Middleton and Helen Hewitt

2001: Bauman and May Thinking Sociologically

2006 Stets and Turner "Identity Theory and Emotions"

2009: Karan Essien "Identity issues in mental health research" and Diana Rose: "Having a double identity"

Intervention in social situations

May 1968 "Intervention in Social Situations" by Ronald Laing

1972/1973 Irving Siegel on early educational interventions

1994 Trudi Cooper and Rob White "Models of youth work intervention",

Isolation (Seclusion) and Control Units and Secure Units
See mental hospitals and prisons
Wikipedia links: solitary confinement - Supermax

isolation or solitary confinement
Prison history: See separate system
Cohen and Taylor 1972 Psychological survival: the experience of long-term imprisonment
Works by Sharon Shalev

Seclusion in mental health

Alty and Mason 1994 Seclusion and Mental Health: A break with the past

Secure Units for children

1978: Millham, Bullock, Hosie, Locking up children : secure provision within the child-care system

1993 Harris and Timms Secure accommodation in child care

2001: Teresa O'Neill, Children in secure accommodation


1946 Ruth Benedict The Chrysanthemum and the Sword: Patterns of Japanese Culture

1951 See Manga


1944/1977 "The Culture Industry: Enlightenment as Mass Deception" in Adorno and Horkheimer Dialectic of Enlightenment

1957 Roland Barthes Mythologies

1960 1964 Marshall McLuhan

1973 Do-It-Yourself Media Sociology. Part Four of the The Manufacture of News (below)
Cohen, S. and Young, Jock 1973 (Editors) The Manufacture of News. Social problems, deviance and the mass media

1980 Stuart Hall (Editor): Culture, Media, Language

Respecting Hall's methods see Wikipedia audience reception

2003 Young, J. 1.2003 Constructing the Paradigm of Violence: Mass Media, Violence and Youth

2008 Brian Longhurst Introducing Cultural Studies

1.1.2012 Ashlee Dillon's blog on Critical Discourse Analysis and Content Analysis

October 2013 Tom Standage Writing on the Wall: Social media - the first 2,000 years

Media and Crime

Mental health - sanity - normality -
Mental disorder - Mental illness - (mental) distress - madness

Mental Health History timeline
Mental Health History words

1927 David Henderson and Robert Gillespie A Text-Book of Psychiatry for Students and Practitioners

1978 George William Brown Social Origins of Depression: A study of psychiatric disorder in women

1981 Agnes Miles The Mentally Ill in Contemporary Society. A Sociological Interpretation.

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2013 Cromby, Harper and Reavey Psychology, Mental Health and Distress

Mental health history

1854 Daniel Hack Tuke - 1918 Kraepelin - 1941 Gregory Zilboorg - 1950 Alexander Walk - 1953 Kathleen Jones - 1957 Erwin Ackernecht - 1961 Denis Leigh - 1941 Ida MacAlpine and Richard Alfred Hunter - 1966 Alexander and Selesnick - 1997 Edward Shorter

Mental disorders in alphabetical order Anti-social personality disorder - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder - Autism - Depression - Eating Disorder - Obesity - Personality Disorder - Psychopathy -

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Barkley, Russell A.; Murphy. Kevin R and Fischer, Mariellen 2007 ADHD in Adults: What the Science Says Guilford Press

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BBC 24.2.2003: BBC News article "Clinic examines 'crime diet' link"



1978 George William Brown Social Origins of Depression: A study of psychiatric disorder in women

1991: See Dana Crowley Jack Voice

2003 Janet M. Stoppard and Linda M. McMullen Situating Sadness: Women and depression in social context

2008 Carl Walker Depression and Globalization

2010 Bristol studies: Debbie Sharp and others and Katrina M. Turner and others

2010 Rebecca Oxley and Ruth Fitzgerald "Postpartum depression and the chaos of moral parenting"

About 2011 USA National Institute for Mental Health booklets on Bipolar Disorder - Depression - Depression and College Students - Men and Depression - Mental Health Medications - Women and Depression

2013 "Sadness and worry": Chapter nine in Cromby, Harper and Reavey 2013

Eating disorders including anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and obesity

1967 Fay Weldon The Fat Woman's Joke

1978 Susie Orbach Fat is a Feminist Issue

3.3.2003 World Health Organisation Press Release: Controlling the global obesity epidemic

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2013 "Distressing bodies and eating": Chapter twelve in Cromby, Harper and Reavey 2013

Personality Disorder

Wikipedia link: Personality disorder

23.1.2003 Personality disorder: no longer a diagnosis of exclusion - policy implementation guidance for the development of services for people with personality disorder

15.11.2003 "Breaking the Cycle of Rejection - The Personality Disorder Capabilities Framework"

2005 David Pilgrim Key Concepts in Mental Health

2009? http://www.personalitydisorder.org.uk/

2013 "Disordered Personalities": Chapter thirteen in Cromby, Harper and Reavey 2013

Psychopaths See definitions

"Antisocial personality disorder appears to be a relatively recent term that is interchangeable with that of psychopath" (Roger Hopkins Burke 2009, p.100)

1876 Lombroso

2002 Jill Peay "Mentally disordered offenders, mental health, and crime".

2006 Paul Babiak and Robert D. Hare Snakes in Suits: When Psychopaths Go to Work Harper Business. May 2006 352 pages

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2012 Clive Boddy - See bullying

2013 Adrian Raine The Anatomy of Violence: The biological roots of crime

Mental disorder treatments medical treatments

1975 A Directory of the Side Effects of Psychiatric Drugs

2002 Robert Flanagan "Shell-shock, schizophrenia, and antipsychotics".

2006 Alan Dronsfield and Peter Ellis "Chlorpromazine - Unlocks the asylums"

2007 Thomas Ban "Fifty Years Chlorpromazine: A Historical Perspective"

Mental hospitals - Asylums

Susan Piddock 2007 A Space of Their Own

Mental hospitals and/or prisons

1997 Michael Cavadino "A Vindication of the Rights of Psychiatric Patients" [Focus England and Wales]

1998 Nicola Singleton and others Psychiatric morbidity among prisoners in England and Wales: the report of a survey carried out in 1997 by Social Survey Division of the Office of National Statistics on behalf of the Department of Health

1999 - 2010 Virginia Hiday "Mental Illness and the Criminal Justice System" [Focus United States]

2002 Fazel and Danesh "Serious mental disorder in 23000 prisoners: a systematic review of 62 surveys". [Focus World Wide]

2003 - 2007 Charlie Brooker and others Mental Health Services and Prisoners A review. [Focus England and Wales]

December 2004 Nick Davies in The Guardian: "Scandal of society's misfits dumped in jail" (etc) Monday 6.12.2004 - "Wasted lives of the young let down by jail system" (etc) Wednesday 8.12.2004 [Focus England and Wales]

2009 The Bradley Report ("people with mental health problems or learning disabilities in the criminal justice system") [Focus England and Wales]

2009 Knight and Stephens "Mentally Disordered Offenders in Prison: A tale of neglect?" [Focus England and Wales]

2010 Rebecca Green "The treatment of mentally disordered offenders within the criminal justice system," [A graduate dissertation] [Focus England and Wales]

2011 Sarah Coutts "Care or Custody: Where should mentally disordered offenders be placed?" [A student essay] [Focus England and Wales]

Mental illness and crime
See Mental health - Criminological theories - Psychopaths - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Jill Peay "Mentally disordered offenders, mental health, and crime" 2002. and Mental Health and Crime 2011.

Part two of Roger Hopkins Burke An Introduction to Criminological Theory - "The predestined actor model of crime and criminal behaviour", especially the sections on biological and psychological positivism, could be useful for relating to criminological theory.

"Psychiatry and legal control", chapter 10 of Rogers and Pilgrim A Sociology of Mental Health and Illness

Webb and Harris (Editors) 1999: Mentally Disordered Offenders: Managing people nobody owns

Mental Illness and crime history
Mental Health and Crime

1968 Nigel Walker Crime and Insanity in England. volume one: The Historical Perspective

1973 Peter Clyne Guilty but Insane : Anglo-American attitudes to insanity and criminal guilt

2006 Svein Atle Skalevag "The matter of forensic psychiatry: a historical enquiry"

Mental illness and crime cases
Edward Arnold (1724)
Mary Lamb (1796)
John Hadfield (1800)
John Bellingham (1811)
Daniel McNaughton (1843)
Beth Wood (1919) (Infanticide)
Charles Manson (1971)
Janet Cresswell (1976)
Christopher Clunis (1992)
Gary McKinnon (2002)
Peter Bryan (2009)
Satpal Kaur- Singh (2010)

Mental health and survivors movements

Mental health and survivors' movements and context

1999 "An introduction to the mental health consumer movement" by Caroline L. Kaufmann

2009 (Su) Budd "A History of the Mental Health Consumer/Survivor Movement"

2010 "The mental health consumers/survivors movement in the US" by Athena McLean

31.3.2010 Review of [Survivor] Histories - unpublished paper

2011 Survivors History Group takes a critical look at historians

Migration - Imigration - Emigration
Diversity - Ethnic and cultural continuities and change

Macionis and Plummer Chapter 11 Racism, Ethnicities and Migration. Including pluralism - assimilation - and segregation, as well as migration.

1993/2008 Castles and Miller The Age of Migration

1996 Thomas Sowell Migrations and Cultures a World View New York, Basic Books

2001 Steven Vertovec "Transnationalism and identity"

2004-2006 Moving Here: 200 years of Immigration in England website archived 2013

2004? - Centre for Research and Analysis of Migration

2005 Dinesh Bhugra and Matthew Becker "Migration, cultural bereavement and cultural identity"

Cultural Diversity

Susanne Wessendorf

Migration and diversity areas and countries

to Ireland

Aptekar, S. 2009 "Contexts of exit in the migration of Russian speakers from the Baltic countries to Ireland". Ethnicities. 9 (4), ppp 507- 526.

to Europe

Jackson D. 2011 "Europe and the Migrant Experience: Transforming Integration" Transformation: An International Journal of Holistic Mission Studies, 28, (1), pp. 14-28.

to the UK

1994 Ann Berrington "Marriage and family formation among the white and ethnic minority populations in Britain" [1991 Census analysis]

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2013 Louise Ryan and Jon Mulholland [Highly skilled French migrants]

to Britain (not Ireland)

Kathy Burrell and Panikos Panayi 2006 (Editors) Histories and Memories: Migrants and their history in Britain

Inge Weber-Newth 2006 "Narratives of Settlement: East Europeans in Post-War Britain" in Burrell and Panayi pages 75-95


Alain Touraine

Charles Tilly

Crossley, N. 2002 Making Sense of Social Movements

Ruggiero and Montagna (Editors) Social Movements; A Reader

Michel Wieviorka 2012 "The Resurgence of Social Movements"


Mental health and survivors movements

1919 on Communism

1919 on Fascism

1925 on National Socialism

Adolph Hitler's writing

1982/1987 Detlev Peukert Inside Nazi Germany : conformity, opposition, and racism in everyday life

1985 Ian Kershaw The Nazi Dictatorship. Problems and Perspectives of Interpretation

1986 Janina Bauman

1989 Zygmunt Bauman Modernity and The Holocaust

1994 David Crew (Editor) Nazism and German Society, 1933-1945

2008 Nicole Hahn Rafter "Criminology's darkest hour: biocriminology in Nazi Germany" in The Criminal Brain: Understanding biological theories of crime

Networks - Social Networks - Network Society
Online - Cyberspace - Social media

Giddens' Sociology chapter 18 "Organisations and Networks" - Macionis and Plummer's Sociology - A Global Introduction chapter 6 Groups, Organisations and the Rise of the Network Society -

1975 Richard Crocket "Why do we do it this way? A Social Network Approach to Theory in the Therapeutic Community"

1991 John Scott Social Network Analysis: A Handbook. Second edition 2000.

1995 "Making the Invisible Visible: The Rise of a Professional Women's Network in the 1990s" chapter (13) by Frances Moss.

1995 Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication,

1996 Manuel Castells term "network society"

1996 - Albert Benschop

1997 David Porter Internet Culture [USA]

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1998 Rober Kraut, "Internet paradox: A social technology that reduces social involvement and psychological well-being?" [USA]

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2006 Nick Crossley "Networks, survivors and international connections" chapter.

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2008 Ahlqvist, Bäck, Halonen and Heinonen Social media road maps exploring the futures triggered by social media.

29.5.2008 Wikipedia's Sociology of the Internet created - original page

2008 "Conflict Networks and the Origin of Women's Liberation" reading by Carol Mueller

2009 Ana M. Martínez Alemán and Katherine Lynk Wartman Online social networking on campus: Understanding what matters in student culture [USA}

2009 Craig Watkins The Young and the Digital: What the migration to social network sites, games and anytime anywhere media means for our future. [USA]

2009 - 2010 - 2011 - 2012 International Telecommunication Union Measuring the Information Society (World statistics)

2009 Digital Britain Report

Findings from consumer surveys on Internet Shopping

2010 Nick Crossley "The Social World of the Network. Combining Qualitative and Quantitative Elements in Social Network Analysis"

2011 Sherry Turkle Alone Together: Why we expect more from technology and less from each other [USA]

2011 Daniel Miller (UK anthropologist) Tales from Facebook (Trinidad)

2011 Marcia Amidon Lusted (USA popular and children's writer) Social Networking: MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter

2012 Nick Crossley and Joseph Ibrahim "Critical Mass, Social Networks and Collective Action: Exploring Student Political Worlds"

2012 Davidson and Martellozzo "Exploring young people's use of social networking sites and digital media in the internet safety context. A comparison of the UK and Bahrain",

2012 Alok Choudhary and others "Social media evolution of the Egyptian revolution"

May 2012 Nat Kretchun and Jane Kim A Quiet Opening: North Koreans in a Changing Media Environment

October 2013 Tom Standage Writing on the Wall: Social media - the first 2,000 years

2013 Louise Ryan and Jon Mulholland [Highly skilled French migrants - uses social network theory]

News Search Engines

Newspaper cuttings
When working on projects such as dissertations, students often collect newspaper cuttings. Consider using these in some kind of
media analysis, using a news search engine to make a more systematic collection of cuttings.

Normality and deviance

Insiders and Outsiders

Colin Wilson 1956 The Outsider

David Amery 2013 Outsider Poetry

Performance Management

Wikipedia link: Performance management

Place and space

See city - community - globalisation - high street - networks -

2000 See Bauman and May on city and countryside and time, space and disorder

2002 Tim Butler on the middle class in the city

2016 Carl Cassegard "What's alternative about alternative space?"


Peter Townsend 1979 Poverty in the United Kingdom Penguin.

August 1980: Inequalities in Health - The "Black Report"

Anthony Francis Heath 1981 Social Mobility Fontana New Sociology. Fontana Paperbacks. 303 pages.

Peter Townsend and Nick Davison (editors) 1982 Inequalities in Health: The Black Report,

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David Gordon, and others 2000 Poverty and Social Exclusion in Britain. York: Joseph Rowntree Foundation. "Reviews the findings of the Poverty and Social Exclusion Survey".

John Scott 1994 Poverty and Wealth: Citizenship, Deprivation and Privilege

Ruth Levitas 1998 The Inclusive Society? Social Exclusion and New Labour Second edition 2005


Prison has not always been a punishment - See history

See Bentham on panopticon - Goffman on total institutions and Foucault on discipline, observation and punishment.
Also see isolation - women and prison

Norman Johnston 2009 "Evolving Function: Early Use of Imprisonment as Punishment"

Alison Liebling and Shadd Maruna (editors) 2005 The Effects of Imprisonment

2012 UK Prison Population Statistics

Psychological bases of behaviour

See David Pilgrim Key Concepts in Mental Health
"Causes and Constructs - biological, psychological and social explanations"

See Roger Hopkins Burke An Introduction to Criminological Theory on Psychological positivism -

See Donald Shoemaker Theories of Delinquency on Psychological theories


Garland. D. 1990, Punishment and Modern Society. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.


Joanna Bourke 2007 Rape: A history from 1860 to the present

Durkheim's book
Suicide. A Study in Sociology has theories about the social effects of economic recessions. Look at the extracts
Ernest Mandel, 1977/1978 The Second Slump: A Marxist analysis of recession in the seventies
You may also like to look at Leonard Fagin's Unemployment and health in families : case studies based on family interviews, a pilot study DHSS 1981 and The Forsaken Families : the effects of unemployment on family life Penguin, 1984.

Refugees and asylum seekers
You may want to consider in relation to
Migration - Globalisation - Media images

Bloch, A. Levy, C. 1999 Refugees, Citizenship and Social Policy in Europe, Macmillan Press, London

Refugee Council website includes a glossary
The Information Centre about Asylum and Refugees in the UK includes material on research methods.


See BBC Religions - Religion and religious history weblinks

British Sociological Society Sociology of Religion Study Group website - Founded 1975

Centre for Law and Religion at Cardiff Law School established in the summer of 1998

UK census: 1851 - 2001 - 2011

Focus on Ethnicity and Religion analysis of 2001 Census figures.

2007 George Chryssides and Ron Geaves - The Study of Religion: An introduction to key ideas and methods

2012 Pew Research Center - The Global Religious Landscape


BBC - Religions - Hinduism

The Hindu Community in Scouting

1922 Max Weber Collected essays on the sociology of religion: Hinduism and Buddhism


BBC - Religions - Jainism


Jewish Bible 1936

Ur - Abraham - Moses - Judges - Song of Deborah - David - Solomon's Temple - documentary hypothesis - Two Kingdoms - Isaiah - Josiah - Exile - second temple - Dead Sea Scrolls - Judas Maccabeus - Christ - Philo Judaeus - Tisha B'Av 135AD - England - York massacre - expulsion - London University - Lassalle - Jewish Telegraphic Agency - Kurt Eisner - Hitler 1933 - Benemann 1934 - Kristallnacht - Holocaust - genocide - 6,000 Years - 2001 Census


1922 Max Weber Collected essays on the sociology of religion: Ancient Judaism


BBC - Religions - Christianity

Wikipedia links: Christianity - Catholic - Orthodox - Protestant

Protestant Dissent: The Association of Denominational Historical Societies and Cognate Libraries



Wikipedia: See Ishik Alevism - Yazdanism - Alevism



Ruqaiyyah Waris Maqsood Teach Yourself Islam

Wikipedia links: Quaran

Sacred texts of Islam

Miraj audio books for children "Islamic stories your child will love"

Shariah law (See Islam)

BBC Sharia http://www.bbc.co.uk/religion/religions/islam/beliefs/sharia_1.shtml

Wikipedia links: Sharia

Sharia debates in Africa

Noah Feldman - 16.3.2008 - Why Shariah? The New York Times Magazine

Islam: Governing Under Sharia by Toni Johnson and Lauren Vriens at the (USA) Council on Foreign Relations.

An Introduction to Islamic Criminal Justice 2008

Approaches to Teaching and Learning of Islamic Law


Chronology of (some) Policies, Guardian Orders, etc, relating to the attacks on Scientology 1959-1960 [a freezone source]

27.3.2001 Everything2 idea feature

2006 Hugh Urban

2014 Kent and Manca "A War over Mental Health Professionalism: Scientology versus Psychiatry."

Research and writing dissertations

The ABC Study Guide by Andrew Roberts, Middlesex University.

Ethical principals

What is a dissertation?

Empirical (primary) research and secondary (library based) research

Planning and framing issues [Including Research Proposal]

Writing a report, dissertation or thesis .

Parts of a report or dissertation

Abstract and/or introduction Introductions are important


Literature searches.

Literature review


The simple way to reference the ABC Study Guide

In the bibliography:

Roberts, A. ABC - The ABC Study Guide. University education in plain English alphabetically indexed.

References in the text to (Roberts, A. ABC/concept indexed)

for example (Roberts, A. ABC/Research)

Companion for undergraduate dissertations - [Malcolm Todd and ohers]

Earl R. Babbie: The practice of social research

Judith Bell: Doing your Research Project.

Alan Bryman Social Research Methods.

John Creswell: Research design : qualitative, quantitative, [and mixed method] approaches

Martyn Denscombe: The Good Research Guide for small-scale social research

Nigel Gilbert Researching Social Life

David Gray Doing Research in the Real World

Chris Hart Doing a Literature Review

Lee and Stanko Researching Violence

Peter Levin Excellent Dissertations.

Tim May Social Research: Issues, Methods and Practice.

Anne Thomson Critical Reasoning.

Mark Walsh Research Made Real: A guide for students

Qualitative Research

Wikipedia: Qualitative Research

British Library Topical Bibliography on Qualitative Research

Qualitative Research Methods: A Data Collector's Field Guide

FQS Forum: Qualitative Social Research

See Alan Bryman - Martyn Denscombe

Quantitative Research

Wikipedia: Quantitative Research - Statistical Survey

British Library Topical Bibliography on Quantitative Research

See Alan Bryman on quantitative research - Martyn Denscombe -

SRU55 "R and Quantitative Data Analysis by Paul Webb, Spring 2009 - [R is a free statistics program]

Mixed Methods

Alan Bryman

Victoria D Alexander and others

2015 Leslie Curry and Marcella Nunez-Smith


Zoltan Dörnyei 2003 Questionnaires in second language research: construction, administration, and processing


1789 Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen

1791 The Rights of Woman by Olympe de Gouges


England August 2011 - Network 109 2011 Winter

Riots Communities and Victims Panel

Daniel Briggs 2012 The English Riots of 2011 A Summer of Discontent - See Simon Harding


Sexual Orientation

Mikey Buridge and J. Walters 1981 (editors) Breaking the Silence: Gay teenagers speak for themselves London: Joint Council of Gay Teenagers.

Gilbert Herdt 1989 (editor) Gay and Lesbian Youth London, Haworth press.

Ken Plummer 1992 (editor) Modern Homosexualities London. Routledge.

Shock treatments
The main shock treatment currently used in psychiatry is electro convulsive therapy. The others are of historic relevance.

1992 Steven Jenkusky "Public Perceptions of Electroconvulsive Therapy"

Social bases of behaviour

See David Pilgrim Key Concepts in Mental Health
"Causes and Constructs - " biological, psychological and social explanations"

See Roger Hopkins Burke An Introduction to Criminological Theory on Sociological positivism - Socio-biological theories - and also the non-positivist approaches.

See Donald Shoemaker Theories of Delinquency on social disorganisation and anomie - Lower-class-based theories of delinquency - Interpersonal and situational explanations - Control theories - Labelling theory - The radical theory of delinquency.

Social exclusion

Brian Barry Social Exclusion, Social Isolation and the Distribution of Income



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1840s P.S.S.L: Proceedings of the Statistical Society of London -

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2001 ONS: Office for National Statistics

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2007 mental health statistics

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2012 Prison Population Statistics

2012 Measuring National Well-being: Life in the UK

2013 Katherine Button on small sample size.


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See ability and disability - identity

1963 Goffman

2007 Iain Crinson, Labelling and Stigma

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2010 Roe, Joseph and Middleton

2012 Swee Khee Brenda Seah on mental health stigma in Anerican comics.

Story - narrative - mythology

Wikipedia: Mythology - Folklore

5th century Mythologiae

1871 Edward Burnet Tylor Primitive Culture: Researches into the Development of Mythology, Philosophy, Religion, Art, and Custom

1886 Mythical Monsters by Charles Gould

1930 Alfred Rosenberg's The Myth of the 20th Century

1955 Roland Barthes on Einstein

2014 Samsung

Stratification - Hierarchy - Class - Status -

1985 Erik Olin Wright Classes London, New York: Verso. 344 pages. "A complete reformulation of the Marxist concept, bridging the gap between abstract structural accounts of class and descriptions of particular class configurations".

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Chapters: 1. Classical Theories of Class: Marx and Weber 2. Contemporary Theories of Class: Neo-Marxist and Neo-Weberian 3. The Measurement of Class 4. Class Structure and Social Change 5. Class and Social Mobility 6. Class, Inequality and Politics 7. Classlessness and the End of Class

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Suicide and self-directed violence

1841 See suicide statistics

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Beginners textbooks in sociology provide some kind of overview of the content of the sociology of their time. They can be useful in finding theoretical contexts for research and suggesting authors that you should read. Follow the links for contents lists.

Haralambos and others Sociology: Themes and Perspectives
James Fulcher and John Scott Sociology
Anthony Giddens Sociology
John J. Macionis and Ken Plummer Sociology - A Global Introduction

Women - Crime

Women victims

See Family-Violence - Rape

Women criminals

Lombroso and Ferrero 1893 Criminal Woman, the Prostitute, and the Normal Woman

Adler and Adler 1975 Sisters in Crime: The Rise of the New Female Criminal

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Frances Heidensohn

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Lucia Zedner

Women - Prison

Rose Giallombardo

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Sear and Player 1986 Women in the Penal System [20 page briefing]

Pat Carlen

Marie-Andrée Bertrand 1998 Prisons pour Femmes

A chapter in Ann Lloyd 1995 Doubly Deviant, Doubly Damned

Paul Rock (1996) on the new Holloway

HM Inspectorate of Prisons 1997 onwards

The Corston Report 2007 and government responses

Lucia Zedner

Women - History
You could develop the idea of
Charles Fourier that "social progress and changing eras are linked to increases in women's freedom" by looking at John Stuart Mill's ideas about the relation between women's freedom and the progress of civilisation - See the history chart.

Work - Labour - Employment

1974 Ann Oakley The Sociology of Housework

1984 Raymond Edward Pahl Divisions of Labour Oxford and New York: Blackwell ix and 362 pages

1991 Keith Grint The Sociology of Work : An introduction Polity Press in association with Basil Blackwell. xi and 358 pages. Second edition 1998. Third edition 2005
Contents: What is work?; work in historical perspective; classical approaches to work; contemporary theories of work organization; class, industrial conflict and the labour process; gender, patriarchy and trade unions; work, races and ethnicity; working technology.

1995 Critcher, Bramham and Tomlinson: The Sociology of Leisure: A Reader

1997 Rosemary Crompton Women and Work in Modern Britain

1997 Mike Noon and Paul Blyton The Realities of Work, Basingstoke, England: Macmillan Business.
Contents: Exploring the Realities of Work: An Introduction - The Changing Context of Work - The Meaning of Work - Time and Work - Work Skills - Work Routines - Emotion Work - Survival Strategies - Unfair Discrimination at Work - Hidden Work - Conclusion: The Realities of Work

1999 Relevant articles in Steve Taylor's Sociology: Issues and debates

2000 The Brave New World of Work

2004 Ken Roberts The Leisure Industries Palgrave. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.
Contents: Providers - Commercial leisure - Voluntary associations - The public sector - Provisions - Tourism - Sport: origins and development - Sport: commercial inroads - Events - The media and popular culture - The media: recent developments - Hospitality and shopping - Gambling - The arts - Policies - Leisure policies

Trade Union Congress website: http://www.tuc.org.uk/

Brendan Caffrey, (2007, April 19) Why Work? Sociological Answers available at http://web.archive.org/web/20080207082314/http://whywork.org.uk/intro.htm


Youth Crime

1898 Hooligans
1964 Mods and Rockers
1972: mugging and moral panic theory

British Library Topical Bibliography on Youth gangs, knife and gun crime

Tim Newburn "Young people, crime, and youth justice" in the Oxford Handbook of Criminology

David J. Smith "Crime and the life course" in the Oxford Handbook of Criminology

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Claire E. Alexander 2008 (Re)thinking 'gangs'

Youth Culture - Crime
Wayne, M., et al: 2008 "Television News and the Symbolic Criminalisation of Young People" by Mike Wayne, Lesley Henderson, Craig Murray, and Julian Petley, in Journalism Studies Vol.9, no.1., pages 75 - 90

Youth justice - Youth corrections

See Secure units for children

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