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Raine The Anatomy of Violence: The biological roots of crime

Young: The Drugtakers

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Bauman Liquid Modernity

Bauman and May Thinking Sociologically - What is sociology? Do Bauman and May have the answer?

Discover Society, the free online magazine that "seeks to restore social research to the heart of public debate".

Harald Eia Likestillingsparadokset [The Gender Equality Paradox] Are some sociologists avoiding the issues?

Hayward: Cultural Criminology blog What is cultural about crime?

Hall and other: Policing the Crisis: "Mugging" the State and Law and Order

Stefan Collini, What are Universities for? Stimulating economic growth? Preparing us for employment? Extending human understanding?

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Barbara Taylor The Last Asylum. A memoir of madness in our time

Anthony Goodman Rehabilitating and Resettling Offenders in the Community

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