David Kessel

David Kessel photographed by Natalie Fonnesu about 2013 with his own drawing of himself as a young man

The ideas on this page are to be discussed at the Survivors History Group on Wednesday 23.9.2015

David Kessel's notes December 2012
Printed on the back of an advertisement for the
Howard Mingham reading 28.10.2014

Toward a Penny Poets Manifesto

The inalienable importance of true poetry
making hope in desperate
circumstances - Poetry's Heartening Work!
See the British war poets - Owen, Douglas et al,
Bitterness, renewal, Tenderness.

Hunger Standing where people, all living things, hunger!

Respect Celebration of the ordinary, especially the common people, individually and collectively.

Awareness Transformation, extension of personal awareness.

Agape Pain and epiphany of others.

Analepsis Recovering of suppressed personal and historical events/ memories, identity and relationships (and psychosis), thisness and otherness (delusions etc), home and world, room and street, bed and work, waking and dreaming.

Metanoia Anxiety of new, emergent, change, transformation.

Chthonic Life, culture of the underworld, subterranean.

Commitment Struggles shared held in common, practical, moral, intellectual struggles.

* Modesty, Comstancy, Poverty, Essentiality

Document (no date) signed David and Joe.


Schizophrenia Salvation Network

"Can't you see buried within all that wreckage he's craving for freedom" (Malcolm Lowry)

Our disability could be a diabetes of the mind, caused by a traumatic disbelief?

Solidarity: Very often invalidated and demonised, and often both together, could become the modern Jews?!

Over half of us, discharged from old asylums, died within a year of dislocation, neglect, cold! the inadequate, friendly simple schizophrenic, the devastated, emotional hebephrenic, the intense, wordy paranoid schizophrenic ... we are not told about them!

Also, probably, 'guinea pigs' for the secret state experimentation- psychotropics, mind-policing and short-wave radiation, etc.

Fellowship: Must associate to counter loneliness and stigmatisations.

Local Groups: Needed for fellowship mutual therapy, political initiatives.

'Full-shilling Club': Hope to have regular central London meetings?

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