The web lets you choose what you do by giving you links to different places.

One way to use links is to put them in a menu.

In the Choose What to Learn Menu on the left the words are the links. You choose what you want to learn by clicking on the words describing it.

choose what to learn If you change your mind after you click - the new page has links that will bring you back to these choices.

Some of these links are smiling faces, like the one above. Others are the words:

Choose what to learn Home Page

Another way to return to this page is to click the back button at the top of the screen. If you do not know what the back button looks like, click here to find out, and then use it to return.

Home Page Links

At the top of many pages on this site you will find a picture like this, that is also a link. Clicking on this will take to Andrew Robert's Home Page
home page to Andrew Roberts'
web site

A picture that acts as a link is called an Icon.

Notice that the work "icon" above is also a link. Clicking on it will take you to more information about icons

A Home Page is a web page that will take you to all the related web pages by clicking on the relevant links. These links are usually arranged in menus and often have icons as well.

The Home Page to Andrew Roberts' web site tries to provide links to the whole site. As it is a very big site, this is quite difficult.

Other home pages provide links to parts of the site.

The ABC icon links to the home page of the ABC Study Guide
home page to the ABC Study

Top of Page Menus

You will find menus of links at the top of most of the pages on my site, and many other sites

You may notice that the pages of a web site are arranged something like a tree. Often, clicking on a link at the top of a page takes you down a branch of the tree. You click on the link on the next link, and so on, and find yourself back at the Main Home Page, which is the root of the tree, or the web page where the web site begins.

Bottom of Page Menus

Many sites have menus at the bottom of most of their pages which let you link quickly to other pages, or (sometimes) write to the author.

At the bottom of almost every page on my site you will find the following menu.

Study Link takes you to a web page that lists study resources on the world wide web. The next link takes you to the Home Page for the ABC Study Guide. There is a link to take you back to the top of the page, a link to let you send messages to me, and a link that gives you a break from what you are doing. There is also a "copyright" link that takes you to a list of the things I am happy for you to do with my material, and to a page that tells you who I am (If you want to know, or I can remember). Try them. The "Back" button will bring you back to this page.

Study Link
Andrew Roberts' web Study Guide
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