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Civil Service Christian Union

1952 to 1967

Service Volume 23, Number 1, January 1952

A Change of Raiment For years it has been necessary for Service to appear in utility garb - first because raiment of the pre-war quality was no longer available and latterly because the family income was hardly enough for the bare essentials... as the budget now shows a satisfactory balance the wardrobe can be improved."

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Graham, Billy, 1952 The Work of an Evangelist. "An Address given in the Assembly Hall of the Church House, Westminster" on 20.3.1952. Published as a booklet in March 1954 by World's Evangelical Alliance, with an "Epilogue" stating that Billy Graham had accepted their invitation "to undertake a major evangelistic crusade in England during the spring of 1954".

    "...we face three perils. The first is the peril from within... America... was founded by men who honoured God. But in the last fifty years we have as a nation drifted from those moorings... Our universities and colleges became atheistic and agnostic ... our pastors were speaking to empty pews ... it seemed that America was going to crash ... that we could not take our place in moral leadership, as seemingly Providence had planned.


    ... In 1945, when we got through the World War, we said, "Now we're going to have a Utopia"; but we soon found that there were barbarians beating at our gates, and we found that there was something new about these barbarians. They had the strongest army in the world; they had the greatest missionary force ... we found that Communism's dialectical materialism was a religion. We soon found that we were up against something far more sinister and far more evil than we had ever faced in Nazism and Fascism..."

    ... the third great peril... and this is the one that I am most afraid of- is the judgement of Almighty God... I can see the picture as I stand before you ... the hand of God in judgement falling upon the Western world unless ... there is ... a turning to God by the people of God.."

Service Volume 23, Number 2, April 1952

Service Volume 23, Number 3, July 1952

Service Volume 23, Number 4, October 1952

Context: 1953 Britain: "How Much is That Doggy in the Window" in the top ten for weeks - Women's papers show women proud to make their own dresses on new sewing machines, dresses with plenty of cloth (after the shortages) and calf length skirts - However, there is the shocking behaviour of a French woman, Bridget Bardot, photographed in a bikini at Cannes - The Archers - "everyday story of country folk" just beginning its eternal run on the BBC - In (1952) all scheduled broadcasting was replaced for a day by solemn music because the family king had died. In 1953 we may visit friends with a television sets to watch the new Queen being crowned, or listen on the wireless and go to the cinema to see the film of the fairy- tale coronation. Had you forgotten?

Service Volume 24, Number 1, January 1953

Circular 10.2.1953 30, Larkfield Road, Richmond, Surrey. C.S.C.U. House-Party at Sunbury Court, Feb 14th - 16th 1953. "Dear..." Registrar.

Service Volume 24, Number 2, April 1953

Service Volume 24, Number 3, July 1953

Service Volume 24, Number 4, October 1953

Service Volume 25, Number 1, January 1954

    Billy Graham Greater London Crusade

    "Most of us already know that Dr. Billy Graham, who has been much used by God in the U.S.A., is to begin a Crusade, in the Harringay Arena, on the 1st March, 1954...

    Helpers of many kinds are needed, including a number of people to assist with office work (addressing envelopes, putting in circular, sorting mail, etc.) in their spare time, and any who could help in this way should write to The Billy Graham Greater London Crusade, Ground floor, Kingsbourne House, 18/20, Gate Street, Holborn, W.C.2.

    Stewards and personal workers will also be needed but, above all, people are needed who will take non-church-going friends to the meetings -and those who will pray. Prayer covenant cards may be obtained from the above address or from the Editor of Service" (p.2)

Circular 9.2.1954 Civil Service Christian Union. Edwin Roberts. "Once again there is an Annual Report to prepare.

Circular Dr. Billy Graham - Greater London Crusade 1954 "Two C.S.C.U. Coach Parties are hoping to visit Harringay Arena, where seats have been reserved for: (A) Monday, 26th April, 64 seats (B) Thursday, 6th May, 36 seats."

Service Volume 25, Number 2, April 1954

Circular 23.6.1954 Civil Service Christian Union. "Dear....I am enclosing details of our third week-end house-party, to be held at Sunbury Court on September 25th - 27th next."

Circular 25.6.1954 Civil Service Christian Union. Edwin Roberts, General Secretary. "Dear Branch Secretary, Very shortly we will have to order some more "C.S.C.U. headed notepaper..."

Service Volume 25, Number 3, July 1954

    Greater London Crusade

    "It is doubtful whether any of us expected the measure in which the Crusade would affect the work of the Union, but there is hardly a section of this issue of Service in which the effects of the Crusade are not mentioned" (p.42)

Service Volume 25, Number 4, October 1954

THE STOCK EXCHANGE CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION: The archives contain two invitation cards (Tuesdays 5.10.1954 and 4.10.1955 at 5.30pm) to the "Annual Autumn Service" at "St Margaret's, Lothbury". At both "The Stock Exchange Male Voice Choir will sing during the service" and from 5.15 to 5.30 there was an organ recital by Herbert Chown, Esq.). In 1954, Both services were conducted by Reverend Prebandary George F. Saywell, M.A. - Chaplain to The Stock Exchange. In 1954 the address was given by The Bishop of Barking. In 1955 the address was given by Dr Arnold S. Aldis

Service Volume 26, Number 1, January 1955

Circular 15.1.1955 Civil Service Christian Union. Edwin Roberts, General Secretary. "Dear Branch Secretary (or Representative). ANNUAL REPORT, 1954... SUBSCRIPTIONS... THE ORANGE STREET MEETINGS."

Service Volume 26, Number 2, April 1955

Service Volume 26, Number 3, July 1955

Service Volume 26, Number 4, October 1955

(from 21st September to 21st December 1955)
12.25 - 12.55 pm

(Vicar of St John's Church, Highbury)

A series of talks on the subject:
St Mary Woolnoth Church
(corner of Lombard St. and King William St., EC3)

The above invitation has a serrated gold edge. A similar card (same size, but simpler) has no dates and just gives "The Rev. Dick Rees" as the preacher.

Mothballed rule revision

In 1956 and 1957 John Watson, F. Gordon Smith and Edwin Roberts worked on a revision of the Union's rules, but "then it was mothballed because we appointed a full-time secretary and thought more change might be needed". (Letter, Edwin Roberts to F. Gordon Smith 29.12.1986).

The rule revisions were not put into effect. However, the renting of office accommodation meant a revision requiring trustees was needed. This was adopted in 1958. No other major revision appears to have been made until the late 1980s or (possibly) 1990s

There were meetings of the sub-committee in January and February 1957, with recommendations and amended draft rules. The main recommendations were:

    To remove reference to the "Empire" from the rules.

    To allow the Executive Committee to open Union membership to groups of people who are not Civil Servants.

    To amend the basis of faith to be "(i) Personal trust in Jesus Christ as Saviour, Lord and God and (ii) Belief in the authority of the Holy Scriptures as the inspired Word of God".

    Instead of members agreeing to "unite in private prayer on each Monday morning" [the original purpose of the union] to ask members to "pray regularly for one another". The sub-committee thought "The purpose of the existing rule is now, to a large extent, fulfilled by branch prayer meetings".

    To have a Missionary Secretary instead of a "Home Missions Secretary" and "Foreign Missions Secretary"

    To limit the Executive Committee to twelve.

The report of the sub-committee includes a page outlining their reasons for believing a basis of faith to be needed, not as "a test of Christian doctrine but simply the basis on which members are welcomed to full fellowship in the Union and given a voice in its affairs" and another page on which they give "examples of bases of faith used by other Christian Unions".

Service Volume 27, Number 1, January 1956

From Bethany, Perry Street, Billericay, Essex

January 1956 Edwin Roberts "Dear Member, First C.S.C.U. Holiday Party. ... For the first venture of this kind it is proposed (D.V.) to visit Mamhead Park, South Devon, from 30th June to 14th July and Mr R.G. Stuart, who knows Mamhead Park, is to lead the party."

12.1.1956 Civil Service Christian Union. Edwin Roberts, General Secretary. "Dear Branch Secretary (or Representative). ANNUAL REPORT, 1955..."

Service Volume 27, Number 2, April 1956

Circular 15.5.1956 Civil Service Christian Union. Edwin Roberts, General Secretary. "Dear Colleague, It is proposed to hold a meeting of Branch Secretaries and Representative Members on 28th May next..."

Service Volume 27, Number 3, July 1956

Circular 12.7.1956 Civil Service Christian Union. General Secretary. "Dear... Each year we send out this invitation to the C.S.C.U. House-Party..."

Circular 12.7.1956 Civil Service Christian Union. General Secretary. "Dear... The essential plans for the 1956 Sunbury week-end have now been made..."

Service Volume 27, Number 4, October 1956

Service Volume 28, Number 1, January 1957

Service Volume 28, Number 2, April 1957

7.5.1957. Commencement of tenancy of "All that room" number 126 on the third floor of 28, Victoria Steet, Westminster, S.W.1, rented from Marcan and Dean (solicitors), 20 Victoria Street.

Service Volume 28, Number 3, July 1957

Organising Secretary: Miss G.G.R. Woodford, 28 Victoria Street, London, SW1. (Abbey 6029).

Organising Secretary - Miss Woodford

The Union was employing a full time secretary (Miss Woodford) and had its own offices.

Gladys Woodford was a Civil Servant for 33 years in the Post Office, Admiralty and then D.S.I.R., including 12 years as a Welfare Officer. She was leader of the D.S.I.R. branch, pianist at the Sunbury Court weekends (and at weekends organised by the The Post Office Christian Association) and soloist at CSCU meetings. She left the Civil Service in 1956 to take up full-time Christian work. She voluntarily accepted a very low salary to be organising secretary of the CSCU. From the new office, she was to "undertake most of the day-to-day secretarial work of the Union, including correspondence with members and branches and the promotion of the Union's work".

Miss Woodford's salary, the office rent and buying necessary equipment meant the Union needed an extra £600 in the first year of the new arrangements. It was hoping this would be provided by members. To avoid raising the subscription, it was "decided to have an annual gift Week when members will be invited to give as God shall lead them... A gift of 10 shillings from each member would reach the target and leave us with a small margin for expansion... Our first Gift Week will be from 14th to 20th July 1957." (Letter to members from P.C. Rice (President) 4.7.1957).

The executive committee held its first meeting at the new offices on 12.5.1957.

In his letter, the President said that "After 85 years during which the work has been performed entirely by voluntary officers", Miss Woodford's appointment "may have come as a surprise". However, "for a body of its size, the Union must have been unique" in managing on voluntary work. A full-time organiser was needed for it to expand further:

    "We have much for which to thank God in recent years; more members, more branches, more regular meetings for fellowship and witness, and a wider fellowship. But, while we thank God for our present membership of some 1,600... this is less than one-half per cent of the 380.000 employed in the Civil Service (not counting the Post Office...)"

Changes in Civil Service life since 1939 included "a larger service, longer daily hours, dispersal, reorganisations, transfers and often longer travelling", which had "all combined to complicate the central work of the Union".

    "Not only has the whole Service grown since 1939, but the establishment of new Ministries and local offices has considerably increased the scope for Union work in the Provinces. We have already taken considerable advantage of this, but much more could be done."

Circular Civil Service Christian Union. (not from Bethany). RICHMOND OUTING, SATURDAY, 20TH JULY, 1957. Names to Miss E.M. Cole, 30, Larkfield Road, Richmond, Surrey.

Circular September 1957 Civil Service Christian Union. Edwin Roberts, Hon. Secretary. "Dear... Once again we are sending out the application forms for the Sunbury Court House-Party, which will be from 25th October to 28th October this year..."

Spiral notebook. Pencil in Edwin Roberts hand starts 16.10.1957 with preparations for Sunbury. Later ink drafts of a report on 1965.

This invitation card appeared to be the oldest document of the Federation of London Christian Unions in this archive. It is prior to 1957 because the Organising Secretary shown, Mr Richard Hillier, went to Canada before September 1957. [It is not 1957] I have since found the 1955 invitation card.
The duplicated minutes of the The Federation of London Christian Unions in Edwin Roberts file start with a Meeting of the Council 9.9.1957. At this time, the Federation was engaged in lunch hour services at St Mary Woolnoth, the United Meeting (in November) and planning a Christian Union Campaign for 10.11.1958- 22.11.1958 in the City, 19.1.1959-30.1.1959 in the West End and 2.3.1959- 13.3.1959 in Westminster. A Week End Conference was to be held from Friday evening 7.2.1958 in an hotel in Cliftonville. New arrangements were needed to cope with applications for membership and the possible increase in them following the campaign.

Menbers present on 9.9.1957:

Mr Ellis: Insurance and Shipping Christian Union
Mr Hudson: P.A.T.C.A. [Printing and Allied Trades Christian Association]
Mr Johnson: Stock Exchange Christian Association (founded 1876)
Mr Bruce Jones: Accountants Christian Fellowship
Ernest Raisey (Chairman of the Council): Post Office Christian Association (founded 1887)
Edwin Roberts: Civil Service Christian Union (founded 1872),
Mr Robinson: Railway Service Christian Union
Mr Rogers: Prudential Christian Union
Mr Saunders: Oil Companies Christian Fellowship
Hon. Secretary: London Banks Christian Union (founded 1885)

N.L. Dellow was unable to attend as he was on holiday.

Service Volume 28, Number 4, October 1957

Circular 28.11.1957 Civil Service Christian Union. Edwin Roberts, Hon. Secretary. "Dear Branch Secretary, London Christian Unions Crusade: Week- End Conference at Cliftonville, Feb 7-10, 1958.

Service Volume 29, Number 1, January 1958

Service Volume 29, Number 2, April 1958

Service Volume 29, Number 3, July 1958

17.9.1958 Civil Service Christian Union. Edwin Roberts, Hon. Secretary. "Dear... Once again we are sending out the application forms for the Union's House-Party, which will be from 17th October to 20th October this year..."

Service Volume 29, Number 4, October 1958

The Commercial Travellers' Christian Association (CTCA) was established in 1888 in Scotland, with support from one of the owners of McVitie & Price... (The Economic History Review Volume 58 Issue 2 Page 352 - May 2005 "Commercials, careers, and culture: travelling salesmen in Britain, 1890s- 1930s" by Michael French)

Service Volume 30, Number 1, January 1959

Service Volume 30, Number 2, April 1959

When this issue reaches most of our members the "Tell London" campaign will be in or approaching its final phase - the fortnight's meetings in the Central Hall, Westminster, from April 6th to 17th. Already scores of special lunch-time meetings have been held... It is hoped that some 1,400 posters announcing the campaign will be on display on tube stations, buses, and other places in Central London. [The Tell London Campaign was run by a union of many Christian Unions in London. It was in preparation for two years]

Christian Unions' Campaign


6th - 17th April
MONDAYS to FRIDAYS at 6.30 p.m.

Major-General D.J. Wilson-Haffenden

Guest Chairmen:
Full details from Rev Ben Peake, 29 Ludgate Hill, E.C.4

Service Volume 30, Number 3, July 1959

Service Volume 30, Number 4, October 1959

Latter 18.11.1959 "Marcan & Dean's business is so booming that they need our room and have given us notice to quit by December 31st, so we are moving down to Richmond. Betty [Cole] and Gladys [Woodford] have set up a bookshop there with a manager to run it and there are two rooms above the shop - one as big as that at 28 Victoria Street and one half as big - that we shall be renting at about half what we are paying now. There will be certain problems because of the distance, but they can probably be solved alright. The move will be on November 28th (DV) to 14 Eton Street, Richmond, Surrey.." (Edwin Roberts to W.S. Hocking in Taiwan).

Service Volume 31, Number 1, January 1960

Circular 25.1.1960 C.J.Skinner, Hon. Treasurer. 14, Eton Street, Richmond, Surrey asking Branch Secretaries to send subscriptions (5/- per member) to Mr Timms.

Service Volume 31, Number 2, April 1960

Article Billy Graham in Lagos by Jean Rowe.

The First Northern House Party was held at the "Southfield" private hotel, Lytham St. Annes from April 8th to 11th. 1960. Report in July Service. Members came from Liverpool, Stafford, Bradford, Manchester, Newcastle and London.

Notebook: "Northern House Party" contains records of attendance 1960 to 1972, with name, department and place (e.g. "Liverpool"), and sometimes other information. Two south conferences (Eastbourne 1971 and the Centenary Conference 1972) are included. Most of the book seems to have been maintained by Gladys Woodford.

The Northern House Party was held at:

    Lytham St. Annes in 1960 and 1961. (Southfield, 89 South Promenade, St Annes-on-Sea, Lancashire)
    Christian Alliance [Hotel], St Mary's Walk, Harrogate, Yorkshire in 1962 and 1963
    Heightside Conference Centre (European Christian Mission) Rawtenstall, Rossendale, Lancashire in 1964
    Christian Alliance [Hotel], St Mary's Walk, Harrogate, Yorkshire from 1965 to the 1980s.

The annual Filey stall and the Northern House Party were two points that linked CSCU members in the north of England and helped to publicise the union.

The First Youth Week-End was held in the "House of Prayer", Whitehill, Hampshire from May 6th to 8th 1960. Report in July Service.

Service Volume 31, Number 3, July 1960

Service Volume 31, Number 4, October 1960

Lead article about the formation of the Nigerian Civil Service Christian Union, which held its first public meeting on 12.10.1960 in Lagos.

Service Volume 32, Number 1, January-March 1961

    Nigeria C.S.C.U. Since our last issues, news has come to hand of a further meeting of this new C.S.C.U. attended by 200 people.. A report of an address given at the first meeting...

    Christian Witness in the Civil Service A address given by Chief Magistrate J.A. Adefarasin at the inaugural meeting of the Nigerian C.S.C.U.

Service Volume 32, Number 2, April-June 1961

Service Volume 32, Number 3, July-December 1961

In apologising for the continued late appearance of Service and the combining of two issues into one, the Editor wrote that its was "some consolation" that the financial saving on the missing issue had helped pay for other things "including a new publicity leaflet".
Obituary of
P.T. Shorey
C.S.C.U. Missionary Survey, 1961

Service Volume 33, Number 1, January-March 1962

Service Volume 33, Number 2, April-June 1962

Service Volume 33, Number 3, July-September 1962

Presentation of a talking drum from the Nigerian C.S.C.U.

Service Volume 33, Number 4, October-December 1962

Gift of a leather bound copy of the New English Bible to the Nigerian C.S.C.U.

Service Volume 34, Number 1, January-March 1963

The Missing Thousands by Dr Basil Cracknell, Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Christian Fellowship, discussed why "the C.S.C.U. has only 2,200 members out of 350,000 in the Civil Service (outside the Post Office). This article was reprinted as a leaflet, later in the year "for Christian civil servants who are not members of C.S.C.U." (Service October 1963). It remained part of the Union's publicity for a few decades.

January 1963. First Fellowship newsletter from John Lidbetter. "At a recent house-party at which a number of isolated memebers were present, the question of how to bring these friends into closer touch with the main body of the Union was discussed and it ws felt that an occasional fellowship- letter might be the solution.

Service Volume 34, Number 2, April-June 1963

Service Volume 34, Number 3, July-September 1963

Service Volume 34, Number 4, October-December 1963

November 1963 (August deleted) John Lidbetter, 14 Eton Street, Richmond, Surrey. "Dear Direct Member, You will see from the correspondence column of the last issue of "Service"..."

Service Volume 35, Number 1, January-March 1964

Service Volume 35, Number 2, April-June 1964

Historical reprint about the Federation of London Prayer Unions

For the last time, in April-June 1964, the back page of Service had an advertisement, with picture, for Dr Barnardo's Homes. There were three pages of advertising in this issue. Within the next three years, advertising dropped to just half a page of classified advertisements, mostly for "holiday accommodation".

Service Volume 35, Number 3, July-September 1964

Service Volume 35, Number 4, October-December 1964

The Heightside Weekend by Stanley Ward of Kidderminster (pages 54 to 56) reports on the fifth Northern House Party in May 1964. It includes a photograph of some of the members:

(Back row) Stanley Ward, D. Marshall, Philip Booth (speaker from Radio World Wide), John Lidbetter (Southport. Host), Mrs Breese, Miss Helen Hodgson (soloist), Mr Faircloth, Miss Wilson, Miss Betty Cole, Miss Smith, Miss Matthews.
(Centre) Anthony Hardy, Mrs Hodgson, Miss Hibberd, Mr Broadhurst (soloist), Mrs Jones, S.H. Rangley
(Front row): Miss Petchey, Miss Joyce Blanchard (who led a walk), Miss Brookes, Miss Harris, H.W Tomlinson, Miss Gladys Woodford, A.H. Jones.

Service Volume 36, Number 1, January-March 1965

13.4.1965 "In view of the closing of our Richmond office", Stanley Hunt, Printers, were asked to produce sticky labels to go over the Richmond address. The new addresses were to be "Office Secretary, T.A.G. Jessup, 1 Metcalfe House, Albion Avenue, SW8" or "The Hon. Secretary... Bethany, 27 Perry Street, Billericay, Essex" or "4 Rigden Road, Hove 4, Sussex" for "Mr Timm's address".

Service Volume 36, Number 2, April-June 1965

Service Volume 36, Number 3, July-September 1965

Service Volume 36, Number 4, October-December 1965

The editorial, It's not true, argued that being active in a Christian Union would enhance, not detract from, activity in one's local church.

New cover for Service showed a block of flats rather than the Houses of Parliament. The previous fancy logo was replaced by a simple square around the union's name.

Service January-March 1966

Raymond Watts began a series on Books that have helped me by discussing essays by Dr F.W. Boreham that traced the "biography of the Spirit of God" in lives since New Testament times. Raymond Watts picked out John Hampden, William Wilberforce and Josephine Butler. He ended with a quotation from the Jewish prophet, Micah:

"He hath shown you, O man, what is good: and what doth the Lord require of you, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God?"

"Miss Woodford" had visited Northern branches during the previous October. At Lytham St Annes:

"She also brought her projector and showed us some beautiful coloured pictures of scenes and groups of Union members at the St Anne's and Harrogate Northern House Parties of previous years and pictures of the C.S.C.U. stall at Filey Holiday Centre"

A duplicated "Monthly Letter" from Edwin Roberts to Branch Secretaries started on 27.1.1966. It appears to have continued until about 1978/1979/1980.

Service April-June 1966

Billy Graham Crusade at Earls Court - June 1966

Service July-September 1966

In "June...C.S.C.U. members were at Earls Court in their hundreds. On" [Edwin Roberts'] "first visit with a party, the first steward he met inside the arena, the steward at the section to which he took his party, the person who showed him the way to the reserve counselling room, and the first other counsellor he saw there, were all members."

Service October-December 1966

Books that have helped me by Basil Cracknell included Honest to God and other books by the Bishop of Woolwich. "Some Christians", he commented, "seem to think it almost a crime to read these books".

Herne Bay House Party 21.10.1966 to 24.10.1966: "The Christian Union in the Modern World"

"Since the C.S.C.U. was formed in 1872 the environment in which it works has been continually changing, but probably never so rapidly as in the past 25 years."
In his talk about the Union, Edwin Roberts suggested learning from schools that "seem to have much more dialogue". He suggested ending meetings early to have "a few minutes for conversation" with visitors. He also suggested "our specifically evangelistic efforts ought to have less of the closing appeal to encourage the embarrassed to attend". [Handwritten notes]

A paper was presented by W. Mitchell on "The Christian Union and the Modern Unconcerned".

"social and educational changes mean that externally the Civil Service no longer enjoys the status and prestige it once had. Internally, protocol, tradition, and formality are largely things of the past; and with Civil Servants now being drawn from an ever-widening band of society, we are becoming quite a classless group."

Service January-March 1967

Service April-July 1967

Service July-September 1967

Service October-December 1967

Edwin Roberts had a box with all individual numbers of Service from January 1952 to 1967 plus a couple from 1968 and 1969. This may have been used at conferences, Filey etc. Passed to Tony Hardy.

March 1967: Evangelical Times:   Focused on a conflict between ecumenicalism and evangelicalism. It said that independent evangelical churches, strict baptists, brethren and pentecostals had a common to that expressed in a motion before the Federation of Independent Evangelical Churches assembly that "views with concern the growth of inter-church services in which here is a disregard of doctrinal standards and urges its churches not to share in united gatherings and projects which involve compromise with error". Organisations that were commented on included "The National Viewers and Listeners Association" [which] "includes churchmen of all shades" and "Women's World Day of Prayer - an organisation which receives support from many evangelicals - is broadly ecumenical and last year subscribed to Catholic funds". Other publications about this time were warning about similar dangers in work- based christian groups.

These general conflicts had an impact on the Civil Service Christian Union which was inter-denominational, but rooted in an evangelical tradition - Originally Anglican centred, but, after the second world war, much more Brethren centred. The editing of Service worked against factions debating the divisive issues in print.

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1954: Billy Graham Greater London Crusade

1956: Mothballed rule revision

1957: Organising Secretary - Miss Woodford - Office at 28 Victoria Street, Westminster

1959: Tell London Campaign. Office at 14 Eaton Street, Richmond

1960: First Northern House Party

Nigeria CSCU

Missing Thousands

January 1963 Fellowship Letter

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