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Acting Up
[A Matchbox Theatre Trust]
Unit 304
Mare Street Studios
203-213 Mare Street
London, E8 3QE
Telephone: 020 8 533 3344
Fax: 020 8 533 5511

web site:

See multi media profiling and creative communication

Alfred Heath Centre
186 Homerton High Street, Hackney, E9 6AG
Telephone 020 8985 8252
Fax 020 8985 4616
Centre Manager Janet Ashton

Anika Patrice
Old Fire Station
61 Leswin Road, Stoke Newington, London, N16 7NX
Telephones 020 7 923 9033 and 020 7 254 4047
Fax 020 7 923 9033 (same as telephone)
Contact: Rani Ogundipe
For people with a learning difficulty their family and carers who come from the African, Caribbean and Asian communities
Anika Patrice is looking for committed volunteers to work with people with learning disabilities and their carers. Training and expenses provided. Please telephone if interested

Anika Patrice by Rani Ogundipe

Choice in Hackney: disability advocacy
Second floor, D Block
St Leonards, Nuttall Street, London, N1 5LZ
Telephone: 020 7613 3206
Textphone: 020 7613 3208
Fax: 020 7739 8599
Choice provides free advocacy for disabled people aged sixteen or over who live or work in Hackney. It is run by and for disabled people and supports disabled people to live independently and make choices about their own lives. It opened in January 1992.

click for HSC website City and Hackney
Community Health Council

210 Kingsland Road, London, E2 8EB
Telephone 020 7 739 6308

website launched February 2002:
Fax 020 7 729 5943
Chief Officer: Janet Richardson
Assistants: Joy Vollmer and others

Joy Vollmer is also the Secretary of
Hamhp: Hackney Action on Learning Difficulties

City and Hackney Community Health Services NHS Trust
St Leonards, Nuttall Street, London, N1 5LZ

The Trust is a "provider" part of the NHS. It provides things rather than "commissioning" them. The Trust includes:

City and Hackney Health Promotion Team
(Second floor, D Block)
Telephone: 020 7301 3044
Fax: 020 7301 3043

The Trust is related to:

City and Hackney Joint Planning Unit
Telephone: 020 7301 3481
Fax: 020 7729 1022
Minicom: 020 7613 5608
Contact: Meshu Kullar


click for HSC website City and Hackney
Health and Social Care Forum
Moved from St Leonards on 26.4.2002 New Address:
Anchor Housing
133 Stoke Newington High Street
Telephone: not yet fitted
New Email:
Temporary administrator: Richard Thomson
Website under construction:

The Health and Social Care Forum represents voluntary and community organisations and groups in Hackney who have any interest in health and social care.

Community Resource Services, Albion Grove
55 Albion grove, N16 8RE
Telephone 020 7 241 0900
Fax 020 7 923 4470

East London and The City Health Authority (ELCHA)

On 1.4.2002, East London and the City Health Authority merged with two neighbouring health authorities. This is called The North East London Health Authority. However, "once legislation is in place" the new Health Authority will be called The North East London Strategic Health Authority. This is likely to be from 1.10.2002

This is a "commissioning" part of the NHS. It commissions things rather than "providing" them.

From September 2000 the email address for anyone working for ELCHA is in the form: The system is also used by people in primary care groups.

East London and The City Mental Health NHS Trust
Formed on 1.4.2000, bringing together mental health services in Tower Hamlets, Newham and Hackney.
Janet Flaherty, Communication and Public Relations Manager,
Trust Headquarters, St Clements Hospital,
2A Bow Road, London, E3 4LL
Telephone 0202 8880 6259

City and Hackney Primary Care Trust

replaced The City and Hackney Primary Care Group in April 2001. (See Your family doctor (GP))

Its newsletter: PCT Stakeholder News reports on health issues and includes contributions from voluntary organisations. This is to be merged with its staff newsletter.
City and Hackney Primary Care Trust,
A Block, St Leonard's, Nuttall Street,
London, N1 5LZ
Telephone 020 7301 3435
Fax: 020 7739 8455

Commission for Health Improvement:
Commission for Health Improvement
Report on City and Hackney Primary Care Trust

Equal Play Adventure Playpark
Spring Lane, Big Hill, E5
Telephone 020 8806 6149
Believed to be in mothballs at present

Hackney Voluntary Action
HVA is Hackney's Council for Voluntary Service & Volunteer Bureau
thriving partnership of voluntary, community & faith groups
[Was HAVE Hackney Agency for Volunteering]
Publishes HVA News
92 Dalston Lane, London, E8 ING
Telephone 020 7241 4443
Fax 020 7241 0043
HAVE was working with
Source on research into the information technology (IT) needs of Hackney voluntary organisations. Click on the name and see if you can work the falling fruit controls.

Hackney Carers Centre
Unit 17, Tudor Grove, E9 7QL
Telephone 020 8985 1600
web site:

Hackney office (above) remains the main centre, but August 1998 mailing using name City and Hackney Carers Centre also included a City office at:

City and Hackney Carers Centre 4th Floor, Matheson House, 142-144 Minories, Aldgate, London, EC3N
Telephone 020 7702 4211

[Previously at 107 Lower Clapton Road, London, E5 ONP]

click for Hackney Community College website The Community College, Hackney
Shoreditch Campus
Falkirk Street
N1 6HQ
Telephone: 0171 613 9000
Fax: 0171 613 9003
Principal: Ms C P Farley
Guide to Qualifications from Dan Thomas, Marketing Unit. Email:
Provides a wide range of courses leading to qualifications that will "take you to the next step in your life". Language support provided for students whose first language is not English. Courses include ones for people with learning difficulties. (Independent Living Skills, CATE - Continuing Adult Training and Education and Skills for Everyday Life)

London Borough of Hackney
Town Hall, Hackney, London, E8 1EA
Members' Room
Telephones: 020 8356 3373/3303/3304
Fax: 020 8985 9511
Contacts: Joe Lobenstein (ex-Mayor), Fran Pearson (Chair Social Services), David Phillips (Green Councillor)

Hackney Council for Voluntary Service (HCVS)
The Print House, 18 Ashwin Street, Dalston, E8 3DL
Telephone 020 7 923 1962
Fax: 020 7 275 8577
Publishes Spark. The magazine for Hackney's voluntary sector

Disability Hackney
click for disability
Hackney website An umbrella organisation established in 2000/2001 to develop a consultancy of people skilled in disability issues, has the same address (etc) as HCVS.
Coordinator: Sanusie Sesay
Brand new web site being set up June 2003:

Save Hackney's Disabled People's Freedom Pass Campaign

The campaign is run by disabled people who were previously in receipt of a travel consession known as the Freedom Pass, but who have not been able to renew it since the introduction of a new eligibility criteria, the main aim of which was to save the council £50,000 in this financial year. The group meets once a week to plan their campaign strategy. Disability Hackney, which is a disability umbrella organisatioin based at HCVS is facilitating the activities of the group.


Disability Rights Commission

The Web Access Centre

Adult Community Services, Strategy and Resources
205 Morning Lane, E9 6JX
Telephone 020 8356 4654
Fax 020 8356 4835
[Was Hackney Adult Community Services, Strategy and Commissioning Team. Ex Strategy and Commissioning Manager for Learning Difficulties: Sarah Ford.]

Hackney Family Back-Up
Room 2, The Print House, 18 Ashwin Street, Dalston, E8 3DL
Telephone 020 7 275 0088

click for HILT website  HILT
 Hackney Independent Living Team
 Housing Association
Richmond House, 1a Westgate Street, London, E8 3RL
Telephone 020 8985 5511
Fax 020 8533 2029
picture website:

Director: Susan Storrar
Day Service Manager: Sara Havard

Hackney Parent Partnership
offers information and support to parents/carers and their children with Special Education Needs. It is a partnership of the local education authority and parents, and offers independent information, support and advocacy through Hackney Independent Parental Support Services (HIPPS), based at
Hackney Carers Centre.

Scilla Morgan, Parent Partnership Officer
Telephone 020 8356 7421
Kate Akindipe, Independent Parental Supporter
Telephone 020 8985 1600

People First and Other Self Advocacy Links

click for Hackney People
First website Hackney People First
HILT, Richmond House,
1a Westgate Street,
London, E8 3RL
Telephone 020 8533 1703
Chair: Robert Daniels
Support worker: Caroline Rossi.
Can be contacted Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Hackney Recruitment Partnership
(Supported employment in Hackney)
Unit D2, 3 Bradbury Street, London, N16 8JN
Telephone: 020 7 241 5588
Fax: 020 7248 3455
Contact: Emma Krasinska

Hackney Social Services:
Hamhp contact: Claudia Rose

Hoxton Hall
130 Hoxton Street, N1 6SH
Telephone 020 7 739 5431
"Change and growth through the arts"
Chris Bowler
Rainbow Drama Group
Wednesday night Drama Group for People with Learning Difficulties
Tutor: Elsie Pilbeam

Hoxton Health Group
St Leonard's, Nuttall Street, N1 5LZ
Telephone: 020 7739 2533
Provides low cost Complementary Health Care for people over 60 living in Hackney or the City of London Offers acupuncture, aromatherapy, herbal medicine, homeopathy, osteopathy and shiatsu massage.
Visit its sparkling new website:

Huddleston Centre
30 Powell Road, E5 8DJ.
Telephone 020 8985 9089
Fax: 020 8533 1202
Chair: Peter Short
Project director: Vernon Angel

The Huddleston is a social centre for people with disabilities and their families. It has three floors linked by a lift that allows wheelchair users to get to any part of the building. The ground floor has a playgroup area, an open kitchen, and a hydrotherapy pool. There are offices, meeting rooms, a workshop and a toy library on the first floor, and the top floor is a rather magnificent hall that is used, amongst others, by the various youth clubs.

Services at the Huddleston Centre are under threat because of reductions in the money it receives from Hackney Council. On Saturday 11.12.199 the Huddleston Centre celebrated its 21st Anniversary as a Fundraising event. They wrote "Today is one of the many events and initiatives being organised to raise the funds we need". Huddleston is our centre. We need it. It must survive and flourish.

Huddleston's a Great Place
Charities database
Huddleston Youth Project

LadyCabs, Hackney: Telephone: 020 7 254 3501

Learning Difficulties Services, Hackney
(Hackney Borough and City and Hackney NHS)
St Leonards, Nuttall Street, London, N1 5LZ
Telephone 020 7 301 3030
Fax 020 7 301 3535

Service Manager, Learning Difficulties Team: Steve Rowlands

Care Management Team
Telephone 020 7 301 3030

Day Services Coordinator: Rowena Richards
Telephone 020 7 301 3083
Service closures:
Day Service Projects will be closed for a week from Monday 24.7.2000, resuming 8.1.2000, and then from 25.12.2000, re-opening on 8.1.2001. People anticipating serious problems should contact the Care Management Team.
Trowbridge Centre:
Restricted service for nine months from April 2000 means other places will be used. There will be a five day period when the Centre is not used at all.

Paddy Adams:

Simon Thorne:

Malpas Road Community Home
61 Malpas Road, E8 IN4
Telephone 020 8533 1625
now closed


Ask Mencap

Mencap says:
give us a break before we break

North East London Advocacy (NELA)
New address from 2004:
North East London Advocacy
Goodmayes Hospital
Barley Lane
Telephone 020 8 9705 731

Peggy Edwards Centre
St Leonards, 1 Nuttall Street, London, N1 5LZ
Telephone 020 7 613 3560

Trowbridge Centre
Trowbridge House, Trowbridge Road, E9 5LG.
Telephone 020 8986 5433

Salcombe Road Centre 2 Salcombe Road, Stoke Newington, N16 8AX
Telephone 020 7 249 7115 and 020 7 249 8627
Contacts: Mike Joy

Yad Voezer (Helping Hands)
80 Queen Elizabeth Walk, N16 5UQ
020 8809 4303
Contact: Eve Greenblatt
Yad Voezer cares for people with learning disabilities and mental health problems in the orthodox Jewish community. Services include family support, advice and counselling, full residential care, and day and respite provisions, all of which are set within a culturally appropriate environment.

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Acting Up

Albion Grove

Alfred Heath Centre

Anika Patrice

Carers Centre, Hackney

City and Hackney:
Community Health Council
Community Health Services NHS Trust
Health and Social Care Forum
Health Promotion Team
Joint Planning Unit
Primary Care Trust

Choice in Hackney: disability advocacy

Community College, Hackney

Community Health Council

Community Health Services

Community Resource Services Albion Grove

Core Arts

Disability Hackney

Disability Rights Commission

East London and The City
Health Authority (ELCHA)
Mental Health NHS Trust

Equal Play Adventure Playpark

Freedom Pass Campaign

Adult Community Services, Strategy and Resources
Agency for Volunteering
Carers Centre
Council (Town Hall)
Council for Voluntary Service
Community College
Family Back-Up
Independent Living Team Housing Association
Learning Difficulties Services
Live website
Parent Partnership
People First
Recruitment Partnership
Social Services
Town Hall
Voluntary Action

Hamhp: Hackney Action on Learning Difficulty


Health Authority (ELCHA)

Health and Social Care Forum

Health Promotion Team


Hoxton Hall

Hoxton Health Group

Huddleston Centre



Joint Planning Unit

Lady Cabs Hackney

Learning Difficulties Services Hackney

Listening Books

Malpas Road Community Home


Mental Health NHS Trust

Middlesex University

North East London Advocacy (NELA)

Parent Partnership

Peggy Edwards Centre

People First Primary Care Group

Salcombe Road

Social Care Forum

Source Communications

Spark. The magazine for Hackney's voluntary sector

Trowbridge Centre

Voluntary Action

Web Access

Yad Voezer