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Hackney High Street
Housing Law
Learning Difficulties/Disabilities Middlesex University
Workers' Educational Association
Which? - The Consumers' Association


Core Arts
1 St Barnabas Terrace, Homerton, London, E9 6DJ.
Telephone and Fax: 020 8 533 35000 A community of artists, musicians and users of the various mental health services. Seeks to facilitate self-empowerment and help develop the creative tools necessary to aid the healing process.

Core Arts sponsors the Krazy Kats n Dogs Klub and publishes CDs of users' poetry


The Hackney Live website

Organisations related to learning disability

Hackney Today (Magazine)
Has now been removed from the Hackney web

(City and Hackney Community Information System)

Hackney Maps
Maps can be altered to show population age ranges, population at different periods of history, and much more. Relevant data can also be generated.

Hackney Society


Pensions and Investments

Financial Services Authority Consumer website

Teachers Pensions

Friends Provident

Finacial Times:

Fair Investment Centre

Which? - The Consumers' Association

Some basic information

Long overdue web site for Which? readers, started September 2002. You need to be a member, but if you are, this is a useful access to the Which archives, without paying the extra to join Which Online.

Which Online
This is the main web site, but most of it is "members only". A small amount is free. So little, however, that you will probably find it more irritating than helpful.

Which? Web Traders list
Unlike most of Which, this is free to the public. It is also useful. Tuesday 15.7.2003: Which is probably why it is now closed!

Switch Banks with Which?
Introduced April 2002, another free to the public site that could be useful.

Workers' Educational Association

National Website

Addresses, telephone numbers, email etc for all regions

London Region
4 Luke Street, London, EC2A 4XW.
Telephone: 020 7613 7550
Fax: 020 7383 5668
website: London page - address etc

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Comis information system

Core Arts


Hackney Live website

Hackney Today magazine

Hoxton Health Group


Learning Difficulties/Disabilities

Middlesex University

Newlon Housing Group

Workers' Educational Association

Which? - The Consumers' Association