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Please read the note below regarding the future of SAGB and then continue to our main site to access all the information as usual.

The Trustees of the Schizophrenia Association of Great Britain have, with regret, decided that the time has come to close down the Association. Gwynneth Hemmings, our Honorary Executive Director, has worked tirelessly for the Association since her letter to The Times 37 years ago brought people in the UK affected by schizophrenia together for the first time and SAGB was formed. Gwynneth has never ceased in her campaign for true recognition of the biological causes of schizophrenia. However, the passage of time takes its toll and Gwynneth has decided that she must step back and devote time to her family and her garden.

SAGB offices will close on -  Friday the 15th June 2007.  We  will no longer be receiving any emails, telephone calls, faxes or be able to respond to any letters from the date of closing.  This Web Site will remain on line until June 2008 for reference only.  It will not be updated or maintained after the 15th June 2007.

The fight to discover the causes for schizophrenia will continue Some of the research into the causes of schizophrenia has already been taken up by researchers working in the Ness Foundation laboratories in Inverness. SAGB is currently funding researchers there.

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Page last updated - 5th June  2007